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    Thinking about All Grain Take a look at this. I can brew on propane, BIAB, or electric 3 vessel. I bought this in November, and I use it to brew 90% of the time. Propane only on mobile brews, or if I’m doing 10 gallon batches, I’ll use the electric 3 vessel. Best Buy...
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    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    My first thoughts would be to take this passion, and see if a existing small microbrewery in your area is in need of help. After spending time to prove yourself and your brewing skills, see if they would allow you to brew one of your recipes. This way your brewing and selling in a establishment...
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    Anvil Foundry stuck mash

    Be sure to limit the pump flow, they supply a clamp to put in the hose (output side). And stir the mash, always use rice hulls!
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    I’ve had the 10.5 gallon Foundry since November 2019. Done at least a dozen brews on it. My likes: Much easier and simplified brew day! having one vessel to clean verses 3 saves time. Small footprint, if your space is limited, this is a perfect system! Everything you need fits inside, malt...
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    Anvil Foundry users: Any here?

    There has been a redesign of the unit since I’ve bought mine. They’ve moved the controller to a more user friendly spot closer to the top. Same controller as before. Be sure to do a good cleaning with PBW or Barkeepers friend. Doesn’t hurt to do a water test either. One with the circulation pump...
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    Question on 2 roller grain mills

    I have a cereal killer 2 roll grain mill, had it for a few years now. Another club reached out for 3 extra brewers needed for a RIS, with a 22 lb grain bill to go into a freshly emptied bourbon barrel. In the two years I’ve had this, the one roller not driven by the handle/drill, would...
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    Switching from 3 vessel to ebiab

    I just got the 10.5 gallon Anvil Foundry. You can use it on both 115-120, and 220 -240. The malt pipe can handle 16 lbs of grain according to the paperwork. Controls, how much power, and mash temps, boil easy to set. Used it once so far and love it!
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    Anvil Foundry users: Any here?

    I just bought a 10.5 gallon unit. Did one brew last Sunday. 5.5 gallons of a Peppermint Stout. Getting ready to do Fretboard beer featured in Zymrgy last month.
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    How many gallons brewed in 2019!

    10 gallons of a Holliday Ale, 5.5 gallons of a peppermint stout 10584.5
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    BIAB Vessel Size

    I would go with a10 gallon kettle. I typically use 8-9 gallons of water for a 5 gallon batches of beer. Water lost to grain absorbtion. One gallon loss due to the boil. Likely a half gallon to kettle loss. Likely a half gallon to trub loss. Which leaves 5-6 gallons of finished beer.
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    Another Efficiency Issue...

    A test kit for personal use is $300. Ward labs is $40
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    Potential infections from BIAB

    Look up Ward labs, and send a water sample. I'm totally thinking this is a brewing water issue. You'll need to know what's up with your water in order to treat it. Are you a AHA member? Just read a article in a past issue on water treatment, from the November/December 2015 issue. Very well...
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    7-gal SS Conical $169 shipped

    What I've learned so far. Buy once, cry once! You get what you pay for
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    question about the recipes part of the forum

    Can you look up recipes based on the base malt used, or hops?
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    Tennessee LOTS of (lots) for Sale

    I wished I would have seen this sooner! I'm interested in lot #3. And I'm South East of Indianapolis IN Lawrenceburg!