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    Anyone tell me what I need to look at here?

    Not sure what's important to me here. I know my water's good., but would like to know more about it. In short bus terms would be great. Thanks much for any help Detroit city water 2016 PARAMETER UNITS MAX. MIN. AVG. Total Solids ppm 173 104...
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    "Black Box" still being made?

    Was wondering if anyone knows if wilconrad is still making and selling his black box controller? I sent him an email to his website but no response. I see that he hasn't been on this site since last September. Anyone else had contact?
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    List of PJ Electrical Diagrams

    Haven't seen p-j on here for a while and I have a question to ask so maybe someone else might know: I need a DPST switch (240v-25a) for a scematic that pj drew out for me awhile back. He shows a toggle switch from grainger but was wondering if I could use this instead?.The toggle switch kinda...
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    Michigan 5 gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs

    *ALL SOLD* Thanks to everyone who bought, and thank you for the interest of those I wasn't able to get back to.
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    Michigan 5 gallon Ball Lock Corny Kegs

    I have several 5 gallon kegs available that I can't use anymore due to health and medication reasons (1 beer a week) so they are up for sale. These are in real good shape, clean? (some stickers and scuffs), and have held pressure overnight (several held pressure for years in the garage when I...
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    German Beer Myths?

    Lived years ago in Nuremberg area and lived above a Gasthaus. "Warm" beer was usually bottled beer that was just pulled out of the cases that were on the floor behind the bar, and was mostly asked for by "older" folks. Need to remember also that most places don't have forced heating so floor...
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    What's the worst craft brew (commercial) you've had?

    Triple bock cost so much just to pour down the drain. It was the biggest disapointment ever, cost and flavor, I ever had in a craft brew
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    What's the worst craft brew (commercial) you've had?

    I remember that one, godawfull!!!
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    Favorite Brewing Memories?

    1986. First time my mom had one of my homebrews. "Wow, tastes like beer!"
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    Best BBQ Beer

    Burgers an a nice cold CAP :), smoked babybacks an a rauchbier for me!
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    Prefabricated MLT Cooler Recommendations

    Don't know if that could happen. I left my 10 gal. igloo up at Adventures in Homebrewing years ago, and it became sorta the store mash tun. Since then, literally hundreds of batches have gone through it! It's been loaned out, homebrew demo's, whatever. Partially melted on one side, cracked n...
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    Buy Us A Beer!

    Here, here! Prosit!!!
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    Buy Us A Beer!

    Definately don't want to take anything away from Kal (God, what a beautiful setup!) but we shouldn't forget to add P-J to this posting also for all he's done with electric diagramming for so many of us! Love to sit n have a few with both of 'em
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    Updated brewstand!

    Nice rack!!! er, umm, I mean, nice brewstand Yooper!! :)
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    Simple BIAB Calculator

    Works great now!!!! Thanks much, setting up now for a CAP for brewing tonight. Again, thanks much!!!
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    Simple BIAB Calculator

    I appreciate it, mrgstiffler, for you uploading it. I can't get it to work though, Tried it on 2 computers and when I shut off the 'net, it won't calc. Thanks anyway!!
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    Switchable hybrid 110v/240v system possible?

    Thanks P-J, just basically a JKARP (countertop brutus 20) only 240V 4500w element and a bit more blinged out with an amp meter and a volt meter. Also possibly a timer to go with the Auberins PID and whatever else you can suggest. Thanks again P-J!