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    Anyone in mid missouri?

    Hello, midmobrewer. I live in Columbia but rarely buy locally. Every time I call either HyVee or Bocomo Bay they don't have what I am looking for. I usually end up ordering from Northern Brewer or High Gravity Brewing. Both have excellent selection and service and quick shipping. Happy brewing!
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    What's your biggest non brewing hobby?

    Until recently it was snake breeding, but now it's volunteering at a raptor rehabilitation facility at a vet school by feeding and handling the resident birds.
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    Best Places for Online Shopping

    I have the same problem. Over the years I have purchased almost everything from Northern Brewer. They are great.
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    bingo funds my brewing

    Cheers for mutiple hobbies funding each other. Breeding cornsnakes and milksnakes has funded my brewing for some years now. Now I just need to figure out how to make those snakes pay for an electric brewery from Kal!!
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    Sand Filtration, fluidized bed/other

    IMHO, sand and fluidized bed aquarium filters would not work very well for beer. Both are designed primarily for biological filtration, which provides attachment sites for nitrifying bacteria to eat the nitrogen wastes that fish produce. Sand does provide some mechanical filtration, but I...
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    ahhhh man! upright freezer issue

    I got a similar freezer for free and tried to bend a shelf--result was a big non-functioning box. However, it is really well-insulated, so being cheap I turned it into a poor man's fermentation chamber using plans adapted from this site...
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    Best Beer selection in Missouri or Midwest

    I agree with the vote for Arena Liquor in Columbia.
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    faucet locks

    Does anyone know what kind of faucet lock will work on Perlick forward seal faucets? I tried the slip-on kind but they didn't fit. Also, the only stout faucet lock I could find doesn't fit the NB stout faucet. Any ideas on an alternative? I have a new kegerator and a teenager with...