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    Anyone using fire sprinklers to sparge?

    I only use a 1 gallon pitcher to transfer the water. My HLT, (round cooler) is lower than my mash tun. I do float a lid off of a 5 gallon bucket on top of the mash and the lid floats fine. I just pour the water in 1 gallon at a time on the bucket lid. Also, I usually keep the mash tun FULL...
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    Spigot Question

    On the outside is correct. Some people buy another O-Ring and put one on both the inside and outside. Scott
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    stringy aftermath ....bombshell blonde

    Do you use a garden hose to fill your brew kettle? If so, I would bet those things came from inside the hose. Especially if the hose is left outside with water in it. Just a thought because I have seen similar “strings” from my hose when I fill the kettle. I usually let the water run for a...
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    Corny rubber coming off

    I have used JB Weld with great success. Several of mine are over 10 years old with this repair and still working well.