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    Chai beer ?

    Qwertyii Yeah qthc
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    Anyone use 1/2" OD copper tubing in CFC?

    I've read the 27 pages of the "how to build a CFC" thread and it's all 3/8" OD tubing. I've already got ~40 feet of 1/2" OD and wonder if you could use it in a CFC with a regular 5/8" ID garden hose. Would 3/4" ID hose be better? Should I just buy the 3/8" copper and get it over with? Thanks...
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    Forgot hop addition, oops

    So, I was observing rule number 1 (relax, have a home brew) and I forgot to add my last .3 oz of cascade to my pale ale at flame out. I usually transfer this one to a secondary and dry hop with an ounce of cascade anyway. Am I going to miss much from not doing the last hop addition or will the...
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    How hard is it to make bad beer?

    Please, stories welcome. I have been doing AG for about a year now. I have some of the classic issues, eg low efficiency at times, missing my mash temp, desire for more and better equipment (read SWMBO fiscal responsibility lectures), and I have yet to make a beer that is not good if not...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    Update: Pulled first pint about 5 min ago. Half of it is gone:cross: Taste is really good. Not as much ester as I would have thought, but I did not ferment at high temps (~65-68F). Color is just a shade darker than Hennepin as are most of my clone attempts at pretty much anything...
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    Aeration of first All grain

    How do the pourers among you deal with the trub? I stir briskly during chilling to draw the trub to the center then siphon with a "sterilized" steel wool tied to the end of my siphon then shake like hell for ~5 min. Haven't had any problems yet.
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    Saison fermenting

    I have a hennepin clone fermented with cultured yeast from a hennepin bottle currently being force carbed in a keg. I am without a temperature controlled fermentation chamber (read: to lazy to build one) so it fermented at ~64-70F. I'd like to do another batch using the same recipe and yeast...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    You're totally right. I was just using some leftover I had that was close to the same AA. With the quantities involved I don't think it will matter much.
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    Update: Gravity readings have apparently stopped at 1.010. OG was 1.076 so the apparent attenuation is 86.8% at this point. Transfered to secondary after 20 days. Of course, the yeast has been washed and is currently resting comfortably in the fridge. Will update again after kegging and...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    Recipe roughly based on write-up from and another recipe that I can't seem to find right now. I increased the grain bill and sugar amounts (substituting table sugar) due to my efficiency ~65%. I also used fresh ginger but decreased to .5g and fresh orange...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    Just an update. Day 9 in the primary, started at 1.076 and is down to 1.022. Still bubbling every 20 sec or so and the krausen has dropped considerably. Tasted great at gravity testing. I try to brew styles that befit the season and temps inside my house (read: I don't have a temperature...
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    Any big difference between base malts?

    I've only done ~10 AG batches, but I'm thinking about starting to buy my base malt in bulk orders to save some cash. I am partial to saisons and other belgian brews but my LHBS doesn't carry belgian pilsner which is quite often called for in the recipes I use. Is it worth the extra cost or...
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    I guess I'll find out in about a month :) Dude, we live pretty close, ought to swap some beer sometime. I don't know anyone else who homebrews near me.
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    Ommegang Hennepin Yeast

    Gotta love the 1 year wait for a response. I cultured some hennepin yeast about a week and a half ago, stepped up the starter a couple times, and pitched about 1.2L of starter on early on Monday morning @ 12:45am. It was bubbling every ~6 seconds by Monday morning @ 6:30am. This afternoon...
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    Another "is my beer ruined" thread

    FYI, this beer has fully carbonated at this point and, while it does need to age some, doesn't taste bad at all. Not really what I was going for though. No sourness or off flavors, just a little alcohol heat at this young age. I'm fully convinced that it is really hard to make a bad homebrew...
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    Collecting commercial yeast?

    Thanks for the input. I've got a 2000ml flask that I use for my starters. Should I just start with ~500ml starter at ~1.040, let it krausen up, then start adding similar gravity bolus's to it?
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    Collecting commercial yeast?

    I just bought a bottle of Hennepin, one of my favorite beers, and I'd like to try culturing the yeast from the sediment in the bottle. The question is, do I just make a starter and pour the sediment in it to increase the yeast count? Secondly, can I take the finished starter and use a similar...
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    Serving line length confusion

    I would not be me if I didn't make a problem before there's a problem....;) My LHBS is about a 45 minute drive and I'd hate to cut my tubing too short and have problems the afternoon I go to pull my first draft beer at home. That would definately suck hard. Guess I'm just trying to avoid...