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    Cheap Conical Idea

    Ah, I see. Reading the threads on Fermentaps, thanks for the quick reply.
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    Cheap Conical Idea

    Not sure if this is crazy, someone please tell me if it is. Would it be possible to use an upside-down Better Bottle carboy as a conical fermenter? I'm thinking you could port a hole in the bottom of the bottle that would allow a small ported stopper for the airlock. Then you could fashion...
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    Cider Yeast

    White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead yeast has also worked well for me in cider. Finishes with some residual sweetness so the cider doesn't dry up too much. Should work well with other fruits too since it is a Mead yeast.
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    Tried 1 Bottle after 1 Week

    My second homebrew was a Wheat too, it was really hoppy for a while, but eventually smoothed out to be very refreshing and much more to style. I just found a couple in my basement that I had forgotten about (now 1.5 years old) and they are fantastic! :-) Try to hide a few away for a couple...
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    Light/Dark Wheat Beer: My Story of An Accidental Specialty Grain Addition

    RDWHAHB :-) I think it sounds intriguing, could turn out really good!
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    Do your friends Pimp out your Beer?

    I tend to just give it away when I have parties in my apartment. I just like to see what people think of it. I love the idea of making something that makes people go woah! and gets them drunk. Probably not a good thing, but I think the reasoning in my head is that making beer that people will...
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    Ben beat me to it, but thanks for that information, very helpful. How many days do you think it would take to make a starter of that size?
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    I'm actually making a Blueberry Apfelwein on the same yeast tonight :)
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    Wow that sounds very cool. How would that work? Wait for the gravity to stop decreasing then throw on some new yeast?
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    Hmm that's what I thought. Maybe I'll try a dunkelweizen on the yeast cake instead.
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    Reusing Wheat Yeast Cake

    I am brewing a wheat beer tonight using Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen. I would like to (if possible) use the yeast cake from this beer for a high gravity ale. I would like to make a saison, stout, or barleywine. I don't have a setup for mashing yet, so I'm stuck with extract recipes. Any...
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    New Label. (input please)

    I think "teach a man to brew" instead of "teach a man to make beer" sounds better. The "make beer" part makes it a bit too wordy IMHO.
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    noob question (How to Stop Fermentation)

    Are you sure that's not 3.2 ABW (alcohol by weight)? You may be correct but I've heard of other states limiting certain stores from selling beer above 3.2 ABW, which equals about 4 ABV (alcohol by volume) I believe. Not a significant boost but a little more reasonable.
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    Blueberry Cider

    Have you tasted it recently Tusch? How much blueberry flavor is there? Does it overwhelm the apple flavor or just blend alongside it? Have the blueberries affected the color at all? Sorry for the barrage of questions, just getting to excited to make my own haha.
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    Retaining Apfelwine sugars/yeast

    I've got an apfelwein finishing next week and I'd like to use the yeast cake for two new simultaneous batches. Any recommendations for the best way to get half of the yeast cake from a 5 gallon better bottle carboy into another? Would half of the yeast cake be enough for each batch?
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    Blueberry Cider

    Any update on how the secondary is coming along? I'm looking to make a variation of this very soon.
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    Light Carbonation in Primary

    Bummer. Oh well, tastes great anyways :)
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    Light Carbonation in Primary

    I have an apple cider similar to EdWort's recipe that finished fermenting about a week ago and is still in the primary fermenter. I siphoned some off into a glass last night and noticed that it is lightly carbonated. I was planning to leave it still, but this very light carbonation is really...
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    I think I screwed up

    Sounds like the book was referring to you using a 5 gallon carboy and just making sure you left a little room at the top. With a 6.5 gallon carboy you wouldn't have that problem.
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    Bottling Apfelwein Question

    Is it difficult to cork champagne bottles?