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  1. J

    Mini Fridge Temp Controller

    My kreezer died but my neighbor gave me his old mini fridge. I am almost finished converting it but I noticed the fridge gets really cold even on the low setting. Can I splice the two wires together in the fridge temp controller so it runs all the time and control the temps with an external...
  2. J

    Kreezer may have died

    I tried to find the coils no luck are they on the bottom of the freezer?
  3. J

    Kreezer may have died

    I wanted to start brewing again first time in about a year. I plugged my kreezer back in and noticed it will not get cold. The compressor gets warm so I assume its running does any one have any ideas?
  4. J

    Random Picture Thread

    Trying to watch the game tonight but this is awful distracting
  5. J

    Knowledge Regarding Tripel

    I am in the same camp Westmalle tripel is one of my least favorites. I would prefer la fin du monde or Alagash. That is why I never used wlp530 for a tripel. Does wlp530 produce a tripel that taste different from westmalle?
  6. J

    Knowledge Regarding Tripel

    Go to candy syrup incs website they have this clone recipe
  7. J

    Knowledge Regarding Tripel

    This is a yeast forward style just pilsner malt and sugar it’s important to mash low and use the sugar to dry the beer out there is nothing worse than a sweet tripel. Pitch low and let temp rise over time
  8. J

    Fly sparge thin mash

    I usually mash thin in my herms system with my false bottom once mash is done I usually start the sparge slow. The question is would my efficiency change if I would quickly drain the mash tun to about 2 inches above the grain bet then slowly sparge which adding water on top then when sparge...
  9. J

    BeerSmith mobile error

    My app recently updated and I can’t add any ingredients to recipes getting this error. Anyone else experience this
  10. J

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    Yes this yeast has a different smell to it not to worry
  11. J

    What are you drinking now?

    Nothing like enjoying a few and tending a fire in an offset
  12. J

    Father In law heading to Munich

    My father in law is heading to Munich And wanted to know if I wanted him to bring me back some beer could anyone recommend something that you cant find in the states
  13. J

    Monastary Ale Yeast (White labs 500)

    Leave it sit at 74 for another week then check it again
  14. J

    Bung fell into fermenter!!!

    I have done it also there is a trick on getting it out. Stuff a towel in there with some of it sticking out get the bung on top of the towel and pull it out
  15. J

    Monastary Ale Yeast (White labs 500)

    I usually have no issues with that yeast attenuating used it about a dozen times how much did you pitch
  16. J

    Smallest town/location with a brewery

    Mountain State brewery Thomas West Virginia 586 people in 2010 but some pretty awesome state parks in the area
  17. J

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    So it was sitting in keg not hooked up to CO2