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    American IPA Bee Cave Brewery IPA

    I recently brewed this beer for my nephew's wedding that was held this last weekend. He had asked that I brew him an IPA somewhere in the 75 IBU range. I said that I could do that and settled on Ed's Bee Cave Brewery IPA. I subbed pilsner malt for the 2 row 'cause- well, 'cause that's...
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    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Just finished mine last week. More pics posted in the automated brewing forum.
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    My Automated 3-tier System

    Man, I'm happy to say this project is finally done. Now I can get back to brewing! I spent a lot of time on these forums piecing together ideas from many awesome systems to design a nearly perfect 3-tier system for my brewing process. Unfortunately, I have very little electrical knowledge...
  4. 3 tier system

    3 tier system

    3 tier system
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    Type of copper/length?

    I use a small pond pump submerged in ice water connected to immersion chiller. Works great. If you're brewing in a 10 gallon pot or smaller, you can put your ice water in a round plastic 20? gallon tub and submerge the pot in the ice bath while running the pump powered chiller. That really...
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    My Box of Chocolates Pale Ale

    'Cause you never know what you will get. This started out as a batch of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale but I decided to put my own spin on it. First, measure out 2 lbs Vienna and 0.5 lbs Crystal 10L into a bag. Next, measure out 8 lbs 2-row into a bucket. Then, instead of pouring the Vienna and...
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    installed wrong orifice on Honeywell q314a pilot

    Thanks for the response de3isit. For the rest of you- I know it sounds like a funny problem, but if you have ever used the wrong orifice, you know that this is a serious problem that needs to be RECTified in short order. Considering your comments, I have no choice BUTT to ASSume that you have...
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    installed wrong orifice on Honeywell q314a pilot

    The documentation on these pilots indicates that you need a new compression fitting when changing out the orifice. I wasn't sure which orifice to use but my pilot looks like a flame-thrower so I obviously installed the wrong one. Can you find these compression fittings at a hardware store or am...
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    Bad Santa from BYO

    I added the vanilla bean to the secondary for 3 weeks. The vanilla flavor never went away. It was way too overpowering for me, kind of like drinking an alcoholic cream soda. Maybe the cherries would have helped.
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I would love one.
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    Should my gravity be this low? recipe inside

    Are you aerating before pitching? Shake the hell out of that wort or aerate with a stone and oxygen before pitching to improve your fermentation.