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    STOLEN: Sabco Brew Magic - Chicago.

    We could at least have a fund raiser to buy you a very large dog or fire breathing guard dragon.
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    STOLEN: Sabco Brew Magic - Chicago.

    iX_Xi is a super good guy. Perhaps the brew clubs in Northern IL can do some fundraising to help the guy out.
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    Leaky Perlick

    I have a feeling I need to replace the tiny o rings. Ive adjusted pressure and the collar a bunch of time. It will close if I put pressure on the tap in the closed position. Ill take a look on amazon, thanks all.
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    Leaky Perlick

    Anyone have issues with their perlick tap leaking. I bought mine about 4-5 years ago and it worked great for awhile but now leaks like a sailor coming off of shore leave. Taken it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. When the tap is closed I still get a stream of beer coming out. Don't realty want...
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    BREWOFF! 2018 Homebrew Competition

    I wanted to let everyone who is interested know that the club will be purchasing a beer for anyone who comes in person to the event and purchases a raffle ticket for one dollar(one beer per participant) Ive attached a link to our sponsorship page. We have tons of goodies to give away, including...
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    Illinois California Orange Blossom Honey

    Our homebrew club bought 120 lbs of honey from a meadary in Colorado. We have some extra that we'd like to part with. We have 53 lbs of California Orange Blossom Honey to sell. Asking 5.00 per lb. We are in north eastern Illinois close to the Wisconsin border. Pm me if interested. Shipping can...
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    Kc or Lawrence ip trade

    Going to be in the Lawrence ks kc area this weekend. Looking for an in person trade. Have several years of dark lord, this years goose prop. Can get zombie dust, new glarus or any other beers distributed in Wisconsin and Illinois
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    Minnesota Homebrew Con 2017

    I did give the same feedback in the survey they sent out. Ive been brewing for about 5 years, I know most of the basics but still manage to be surprised by what I don't know or have not thought of before. The Schells berliner session was particularly bad. The presentation was fine and the beers...
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    Minnesota Homebrew Con 2017

    Thanks, I also went to the lager yeast session and had the exact same reaction. Same impression and same issues with the club chat. I have a smallish club as well and could not relate to the first world problems of those larger clubs. I did look into becoming a 501c7 so we could sell commercial...
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    Minnesota Homebrew Con 2017

    Was my first year attending and all in all it was a fun event. One thing Im wondering is the quality of the sessions compared to years past. I think I attended 2-3 that I thought were ok to pretty good. Some were just down right bad and not geared towards homebrewers at all. Is this typical or...
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    Minnesota Homebrew Con 2017

    Seems odd there would be animosity between the two message boards. Brining a chocolate milk stout made with waffle cones and a take on a nut goodie bar to club night. Figured I would at least attempt a Minnesota themed beer. I know nut goodies are made in st paul.
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    FT Prop 2016 and DL from 2013 on

    I posted this earlier with the wrong title. I have dark lord going back to 13, older Russian river sours, revolution bean gene and blue gene from 2 years ago, lost abbey varitas from this past year, White chocolate from the Bruery, and some BSBS from 2012 on including this years prop...
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    Minnesota Homebrew Con 2017

    Anyone looking to do an in person trade. I have Dark lord going back to 12, this years BCBS prop, veritas from this past year and some other randos. I can post amore comprehensive list if anyone is interested.
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    Lets trade at homebrew con.

    I have dark lord going back to 13, older Russian river sours, revolution bean gene and blue gene from 2 years ago, lost abbey varitas from this past year, White chocolate from the Bruery, and some BSBS from 2012 on including this years prop. Willing to grab some zombie dust, or new glarus beers...
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    AB acquired Wicked Weed

    You are correct I don't know a ton about the brewery, Ive had some beers from them and enjoyed them. I do know that for ANY brewery to be successful attention to detail is a first and foremost. Being owned by INBEV has nothing to do with infections. The Bruery, Three Floyds, Revolution, and...
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    AB acquired Wicked Weed

    I don't understand why people get so up in arms about this. Gives the brewery more capital for expansion, access to more and better ingredients and lets brewers focus on beer and not marketing, resource management and distribution. Most small breweries hate dealing with this stuff and are not...
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    Ice cream cones

    Im participating in a benefit for autism next month. My son, who is autistic, was given the job of deciding what daddy should make. He said chocolate ice cream. I was thinking of including ice cream cones sans ice cream in the mash. Anyone tired this before?
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    Illinois BABBLE Brew Off 2017

    BABBLE Homebrewers of Lake County Illinois will be holding our brew off on next year. Final judging session award and auction will be held on March 4th 2017 at Zumbier in Waukegan Illinois. We have a bunch of great items for auction including sacks of grain, a plate chiller, spike brewing brew...
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    Sprechers Redhead ale bottle

    My wife is a redhead and I had an empty bomber of sprechers redhead ale that she turned into a candle. Well I broke it last night and need to replace it. Hoping someone has a bottle that I can buy. Thanks
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    Illinois BABBLE 20th Anniversary

    Apparently our archives have been mismanaged. Word from former members is that the official start date of the club was in 1999. The event will still be held but will be more of a reunion. We will party like it's 1999 in 2019.