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    Harrisburg PA Breweries

    Troegs has a nice tasting room, all the free samples you want and typically test batches are available, I'm sure their website lists tour times, I think 1pm Saturday. ABC also gives tours at 2pm, I think, and is less than a mile from troegs. I have not been to Lancaster yet, there is also one...
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    Hop Harvest

    I was just checking them tonight and some of the lower ones that I can reach have brown tips, the higher ones are hard to tell. It is about 17 feet high and the plants grew about 3 feet past that. I might try to stand on a ladder to check the higher ups. I don't think I will be able to spot...
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    Hop Harvest

    I have some 2 year old Centennials, they got a good start and I have a substantial amount of cones already. Now what I am not sure of is when to harvest? I have many large cones but there is also many, many flowers getting ready to form. I'm in PA and I really have no idea when to cut them...