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    Adding Sugar to honey for Additional Sweetness?

    I've made sour cherry melomels before with this exact same yeast. I really like the M05, and use it in the winter in TX when I can get my brew area down into the high 60's. You DEFINITELY want to use honey to back sweeten this one because it will give better flavor and body. If for some reason...
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    Mangrove Jack's M41 for Mead

    At the title implies, I am considering using this for my next mead or possibly a melomel. I am possibly going to do a blackberry and juniper brew with wildflower honey. I will likely begin with an SG of 1.095 give or take a few points, and use an SNA consisting of Fermaid K, O, and DAP. The...
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    Reoccurring Problem! Melomel HELL! What am I doing wrong??

    Yes. I like red wine sometimes, but I don't like when a blueberry beverage tastes like red wine. Gives me the heebie jeebies.
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    Will my yeast go full "beast mode?"

    You are correct sir, and I misread your post cause I was drinking mead.
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    Will my yeast go full "beast mode?"

    I can consistently push EC 1118 to 20% and KV 1116 to 18% and they don't taste bad with step feeding and SNA. YMMV.
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    Reoccurring Problem! Melomel HELL! What am I doing wrong??

    I have never used K meta or camden tabs EVER. I've had some challenges but never from fruit spoilage. I've probably done about 10 fruit meads where the fruit was primary only (and it has never smelled like rot. Funky and fermenting yes, but never moldy or rotten). I only use frozen fruit from...
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    How did ancient people brew mead without nutrients?

    I can't get past the fact that nobody has latched onto my name for the chicken leg tossed into your honey must and calling it Pollomel. I'm giving you guys gold here :thumbsup:
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    Meat Mead

    Agreed. Most fats go rancid and that is a vile flavor, as well as being a pretty powerful free radical that isn't good for your body.
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    anyone tried using 100% apple juice instead of Spring water ?

    Yes. I stated this coyly in my post. My intent was to let the OP know, albeit late, that cider is a great replacement for spring water and give a shout out to my HEB for carying such (Most of the time) awesome selection and quality of ferment-able ingredients.
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    anyone tried using 100% apple juice instead of Spring water ?

    I know this thread is more than a year old but I wanted to add. Yes this is a cyser and not a mead but also YES it is a very successful combination. I use it when I want to add additional sugars to my mead but the cost of honey is prohibitive or I want to deepen the flavor profile. I'm drinking...
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    Carbonating with no residual yeast

    1 gram for the entire batch will be fine. Use CBC 1
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    Yeast recommendations please

    Wyeast 1388 would be a great choice, especially with an OB honey. Check out the BOMM thread (It's a sticky) as every single page is worth a read. If you are unable to keep the temps below 80 degrees F, I would suggest Hothead, Hornindal or Voss Kveik as they are clean and fast. You will get...
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    How did ancient people brew mead without nutrients?

    Before coffee was popularized, beer was the most common breakfast beverage in the Americas. As for a chicken leg, yes I believe in Mexico this is known as a Pollomel.
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    Meat Mead

    To pull in the goodness of the Mailard reaction, I feel that bacon would be your best bet. I love beef, and I love it rare and I love it raw but some things are beyond my abilities. Bacon would be way easier but doable. I think it would require alcohol extraction of the volatile compounds but I...
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    Evidence for TOSNA?

    From personal experience I can see that my mead, and the one wine I made, before using nutrients were trash. Even at 6 months in it tasted like I was drinking liquefied rubber bands and fire. Then I read about SNA, BOMM, and TOSNA. As the same time my methods improved as well so I am sure that...
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    Mixed Berry Melomel Problem

    I usually like to add my fruit 2 or 3 days into the primary. When following a TOSNA, or BOMM protocol my meads are usually 3/4 of the way done with alcoholic fermentation after 3 or 4 days as long as my target ABV is in the 12 - 15% range. For me this leaves behind good amount of fruit flavor...
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    Fruit molding.

    If it is white, you are probably safe but it will taste nasty. Any other color and you risk getting sick. When I add fruit to my mead, I am generally still needing to degass so the fruit cap gets stirred with a massive egg beater about 6 to 10 times a day. If you've treated your fruit with...
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    Really Really Traditional Mead

    Since this thread was brought back from the dead like some kind of zombie, I will add, prickly pears have a high concentration of pectin, so pectic enzyme is essential for reducing haze and probably removing the viscous mouth feel. I am giving a thought to adding some in my secondary in a batch...
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    Mead smells rubbery

    Those could be phenolic compounds as well. I have had those rubber / Band-Aid smells in some batches, mostly using Belgian yeasts. Reducing your primary fermentation temperature may help.
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    Kveik mead?

    Would love to see some pics and tasting notes on this.