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    ordering kits and storage "what do you do"?

    extra fridge it all goes in there. I buy 2 months ahead
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    Extra low volume boils

    buy a bigger pot really
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    I want to make a kick ass Pumpkin Ale...

    screw the puree I steeped 10 lbs of REAL pumpkin in mine
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    Just hit boil on my 100th gal

    think of how much urine that is!
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    Brewing a German Kolsch, extract style

    have the Austin kit. Going to make it in a few weeks
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    Simple blond ale

    if you want to keep it cheap and give it a bit more kick throw in a pound to brewers corn syrup, or substitute a pound of the malt to keep it roughly the same gravity
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    Simple blond ale

    I think Extra light LME or DME would make it even nicer and more friendly to non homebrew drinkers
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    Northern's Dry Irish Stout Kit

    used the wyeast here with a starter, wild, fast ferment, crazy but cool. It came out great. I carbonated my with CO2 in a corny and it ended up being a bit more carbonated than 'the real thing' but I actually liked it better that way. I have always felt stouts are a bit flat (maybe too many...
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    Going from partial boil to full boil

    I start with 6 gal, steep the grains in the full amount, heat to boil, take pot off heat, add extract, return to boil, add hops after hot break and finish out the batch. Immersion cooler (and sometimes precooler) Get a pot with a bottom valve and bung, much easier to transfer wort to fermenter
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    Set it and forget it

    Lol, thats what I do...! If its cold and clean its drinkable! I guess I wouldnt drink a full keg flat, but do all of you other "set and forget" guys really resist the temptation to try it for flavor after a day or two?
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    Anchor Steam Clone Extract Kit called "detroit steam" there. Needs cooler temp to ferment