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    Partigyle - Imperial & Dry Irish stout?

    Cool to see this post as I just completed this beast of a brewday. All went smoothly though, a couple of things that may help you. My idea was for 5 gal of an IRS and 5 of a small sour brown. My system is setup for 10 gal right now so it was just an infusion mash at 1.33qt/lb that gave me...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Anyone have ideas in place of the screw hose clamps for the SS braid. I cant find any marine grade. Thanks for all of the great info.
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    Additional yeast before bottling?

    Hey folks, want to thank you all for the wealth of info on here in my first post. Especially biermunchers bottle filling miracle!! I brewed a Tripel that has been in the secondary for 3 months. I used the trappist ale yeast and gravity indicates its about a 9.5% brew. My question is, will...