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    Fuesel alcohol off flavours

    The bitterness you taste is astringency due to high mash pH. I'm certain. The grain will lower the pH but IPAs have trouble doing so when the water has much of any residual alkalinity but if you added basically half, it didn't have a chance. Brew with RO water and add atleast 12 or so lbs per 5...
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    Saison Mashing - single infusion or multi step ?

    I did about 36 hours later. Tasting now. I only fermented about 15 days. On gas now. Needs a little time but is great already. The mosiac hop and Belgian 3724 pairs pretty good but there is more time to tell.
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    Saison Mashing - single infusion or multi step ?

    I brewed similar last weekend. I did a single, 90 minute. I had 3724 to reuse. The more I read the more people say that 90min mash is as important as temp for a dry finish. I would go with the single infusion. I'm no saison expert but have had great luck with that previously. My recent saison I...
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    Simple answer to pH adjustment

    Without your recipe and water there are too many variables but I will answer anyway. Using RO at 1.25 on an amber ale, I would need no acid addition to hit pH. I also add a bit of gypsum and cacl to the water but if you left out you would be ok. On a ligh colored IPA I typically add more gypsum...
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    Saison questions

    I did my first saison two brews ago. I just brew IPAs. Didn't have 3711 at lhbs so I got 3724. Major difference. Took about 4 weeks. Started about 70 and then I read more about and ramped to 85 then 90. Took forever. First taste was very tart wasn't my thing. Kept the yeast and thought of how I...
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    FastFerment Conical Guide

    I wanted to post a similar thread once I brew with my fast ferment. I will once I have some more notes. I will say this, I read reviews of leaks. You need to do as the manual states and tighten all fittings prior to sealing them. I tightened all fitting down then rebuilt and used a lot of thread...
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    Can you explain this mash schedule?
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    New toy coming!

    Barley crusher rocks for me. My dewalt cordless grabs the input shaft very well. Never slips. I run it less than 500rpm per the mill specs. I don't see this thing Breaking down. It does a great job. I also put a drop or two of vegetable oil on that the bearing or bushing really occasionally. The...
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    Water help: town draws from various sources

    Wasn't finished. Anyway I'm not sure who your grocery is but I use Kroger and you can get RO water for $.39 a gallon.
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    Water help: town draws from various sources

    My bro in life became so much easier when I switched to RO water.
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    Wort chiller idea...

    I built a coil and put it in a homer bucket. It could then be connected to the valve of my kettle and dump into fermenter. So the coil was in the middle with ice in the bucket as you were originally stating. I forget how cold it got it but I ditched the idea when a batch went bad. I found old...
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    Do you like your Blichmann Hop Rocket?

    I have built one using I think a 4 inch stainless canister from bed Bath beyond and like a Coppertone coffee filter that fits snugly inside and seals. Then I simply put fitting on the top and the fitting on the bottom. I don't remember but it cost like $15. I personally don't think the hop...
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    Using too much Mash water

    Didn't respond as I thought the first 20some had taken care of it but I guess not. I would never add a gallon per pound, never again anyway. I started brewing with full volume biab. I would have about a pound per gallon and ended very tannic due to pH. Many dumped batches based on the fact that...
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    I made a mutt. What is this beer?

    I totally agree with the just drink it mentality, that's not an issue for me. I listen to some JZ, the brewer not the rapper, and he is just too anal of styles. That's not why I'm asking but just wondering if it fit a style a bit. I know they do Belgian IPA, I like raging bitch alright, so it's...
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    I made a mutt. What is this beer?

    So I have been harvesting yeast and reusing. I had multiple batches going and then collected the yeast. Somehow a sharpie is beyond me and I did not label my yeast jars. Now I made a pale ale and upon tasting it seems I used American wheat yeast. I have not kegged yet and it's currently...
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    Mash temp accuracy

    The 207 is at least in part Prob due to altitude. I have missed my temps mash temps. It has not seemed to be as exact science as stated. If it ferments out near expected FG then all is well. One thing, Just check the thermo against another. Any other at a parents house or anything. It's kinda...
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    Fifty pound sack = catastrophic mash failure. Ten Pound bag is fine.

    I am not familiar with corona mill but my monster mill opens up over time. I'm assuming all that use opened up the grind. Still seems really low but check your gap now. This might account for some of the low eff but I kinda don't think it would account for all or you would have noticed it drop...
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    Thinking About an eBIAB Build

    Welds can rust if proper filler is not used. Reminds me of stainless clamps that have a stainless band and a mild steel screw...defeats the purpose of going stainless.
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    weird off flavor/aftertaste

    I believe I am in same boat. I recently went from cutting RO with some tap to all RO. I build my water. I make all light colored beers but my pH is always great. I control fermentation temp or monitor it if control is not needed with basement temps. My crush is good, I backed it off to about 35...