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  1. J


    Has anyone else seen this? It looks incredibly cool and would definitely be fun for someone who is technologically and mechanically minded and looking for a bit of a fun project.
  2. J

    Ginger Beer

    That's odd then. How was the fermentation for the Pilsner? It is possible (but seems incredibly unlikely) your yeast died on you. Are the bottles sealed properly? When you pop them open do you at least get a "pshht!" noise?
  3. J

    Should I be concerned?

    1 or 2 shouldn't be huge. A chance for infection but RDWHAHB. 3 concerns me though because I was under the impression boiling wort with the lid on can seriously hurt your beer's taste. I believe Palmer recommends that if you need the lid to leave it partially off or for it to have a steam vent...
  4. J

    Ginger Beer

    Ginger Beer: could be a couple of things... How does it taste? Is it cloudy when cold or when warm? You might lose a bit of the cloudiness over time but if it tastes fine you shouldn't worry. Pilsner: what temperature did you allow the beer to carbonate at? Did you add priming sugar before...
  5. J

    turkey fryer pot?

    Beer is food!
  6. J

    Fermentation is Ugly?

    A timelapse of a few days of fermenting would be pretty cool...
  7. J

    One of the Co-Founders of Bioware is Leaving to Make Homebrew

    So I draw a distinction between being passionate about beer -- even craft beer -- and liking or enjoying or being passionate about drinking beer. I think using "passionate" as a synonym for "like" is a misuse of the word.
  8. J

    One of the Co-Founders of Bioware is Leaving to Make Homebrew

    A few websites mentioned homebrew, though he never did specifically. But I'd consider most homebrew to be a type of craft beer. I can't imagine that you'd be passionate about craft beer and not make beer yourself. That's like being passionate about food and not cooking.
  9. J

    One of the Co-Founders of Bioware is Leaving to Make Homebrew

    Bioware is my favourite video game company. I was sad to read yesterday that the two co-founders are both leaving to pursue other passions; while the quality of the company's games have been on a serious decline (especially) recently, I was pretty amused to see that Greg Zeschuk was leaving to...
  10. J

    Brew / Bottling day from hell

    Hi y'all, I was wondering if anyone had some brewing horror stories to share. I've only had one or two completely smooth brew days (granted, out of six or so) and most bottling days have been great. It seems sometimes you plan for everything and don't have a single hitch, while others nothing...
  11. J

    Full vs partial boil

    Yeah, I don't entirely buy that conclusion, unless you are going for 90 IBUs. It seems to me that were you to use the same amount of hops in a half boil as a full boil, your half would be more concentrated and would dilute with top-off water to about the same as the full boil. I think that...
  12. J

    starter on an old abused dry yeast pack?

    Rehydrate! It will foam a bit if it's still active.
  13. J

    Why low alcohol?

    Yeah, you'll probably hit your FG no problem.
  14. J

    Why low alcohol?

    Your SG will probably keep on dropping. When the SG stays steady for 3 or so days, your beer will be ready. No bubbles does not mean fermentation is complete.
  15. J

    Noob... Was I suppose to strain the wort before putting in the fermenter?

    When I strain through mesh, I always wind up with more foam than I can fit in my fermenter :O
  16. J

    Noob... Was I suppose to strain the wort before putting in the fermenter?

    I like straining because it leaves less gunk in the fermenter and less stuff that might get bottled -- occasionally you do get floaty bits that don't settle and you don't necessarily want those in your beer. The oxygenation is just an added perk.
  17. J

    dry hoping

    If there's beer, there's always hope, no matter how dry it is.
  18. J


    Depends on what the clumps look like, but in general that sounds pretty normal. The beer will be cloudy for awhile, especially if you just racked it. It can sometimes take awhile even after being in the bottle for beer to clear.
  19. J

    First Timer's Brew Day Checklist

    I use two strainers -- a spaghetti strainer and a mesh strainer. The spaghetti strainer gets the big stuff and the mesh gets the small stuff (because I don't have a large mesh strainer!). I first strain from the kettle into the bottling bucket (through the spaghetti strainer). I then rack again...
  20. J

    Bottles for brewing? help please

    The rule of thumb is that if they previously held carbonated beverages, they'll work. Some people brew and bottle in old pop (plastic) bottles, even. Of course, there's some debate about whether or not twist-offs are OK, so the general rule is that if they held a carbonated beverage before AND...