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  1. oceanic_brew

    Homebrew Store in My House

    a guy did it here (Halifax) He began as a mail order business with some walk ins until that grew and grew to the point where he had to get out and find a shop. What he did right was having a massive inventory, you could get any brewing hardware that you could not get at any other place. Even...
  2. oceanic_brew

    Belgian Yeast Phenols & Esters: Rack From Promary ASAP to Retain Them?

    this in an insanely complex subject. I’ve been brewing Belgians for 8 years and I keep going back and forth on what ways I should best implement my fermentation and aging schedules to produce a quality product. I just tasted a hydrometer jar sample of a week old ferment and thought it was...
  3. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    If I remember correctly one brewery centrifuges a few days after fermentation has completed and then re-yeasts and packages. Most be something to getting that yeast outta there that perhaps I’ve already slightly achieved by helping flocculation. everything else in my process will need to be...
  4. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    I definitely would not lower the temp until well after fermentation is complete. So in this sense the Fullers method isn’t comparable where they are intentionally harnessing the ferment with gravity points still left. I am just curious to experiment in getting the beer to cellar conditions...
  5. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    Thanks. I believe I got mostly through it a couple years ago.
  6. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    This is where the worlds of Trappist beer and Trappist Ideology collide. Religious lifestyle by definition means that you are confronting a world of chaos and through your actions are trying to retain some permanence in the order of things, or to exercise/become one with the substrate of the...
  7. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    Yes the English styles were exactly where I learned about “capturing” yeast derived flavors in the process. It was following a Fullers fermentation schedule where (using 1968) you pitch at 64, ramp to 68 till fermentation is nearly complete then with a few gravity points left force the ferment...
  8. oceanic_brew

    All things Trappist

    Super long post but wanna get my ideas down and sorta sum this thread up for myself at least. I’ve been away from this forum for some time and in the process of opening a Trappist inspired brewery. Very pleased to read through this thread and to see that people are still working on the...
  9. oceanic_brew

    Once again, a higher gravity beer won't force carbonate!

    It’s definitely not the beer. I force carbonate at 40-50 psi for about 12-18 hrs or so, drop it down to 20-30 for the rest of the day and set it to 12 PSI where it stays on my taps that are sitting just below or just above my kegs depending on where they go. My lines are about 10 ft long I...
  10. oceanic_brew

    Saying goodbye to my friend tomorrow.

    I don’t post much anymore but this got me. My boy is 11 and I know the day is coming. That’s the tough lesson but the most beautiful one when owning a dog. Seeing others go through the struggle in life is what gives us the strength to. Life is short, get what you want from it.
  11. oceanic_brew

    Tips for bottling in plastic bottles

    I would also add a grain of salt
  12. oceanic_brew

    Hosehead Brewery

    There’s two 1/8th” headphone jacks. Any chance it’s in the wrong one? Also try restarting the system a few times. A question I can’t answer but will pose, don’t you have to assign certain pins to the probes in the software for it to recognize them? I assumed so
  13. oceanic_brew

    Krausen falling into beer, how to avoid?

    You will not upset an active fermentation if you do it right. It needs to be done at the perfect time in fermentation, and you only harvest a certain amount. Without doing some research to confirm my thoughts on the matter if you top crop yeast at say 3-4 days in when yeast has long ago...
  14. oceanic_brew

    Am I asking for an infection? No boil starters.

    Yeah, the thing about infection too is that it may not present itself always in obvious ways, you may get an odd taste or some mouth feel that isn’t inline with what you’re going for. Infections are rare yes, considering people who have them and can’t get rid of them tend to post a lot pictures...
  15. oceanic_brew

    Getting a good whirlpool

  16. oceanic_brew

    Getting a good whirlpool

    Just recently switched to electric. Have a 5500 watt element on my Bk about 1.5 inches up from bottom of my 15 Gallon Kettle. After I shut the boil off I recirculate through my CFC back into my whirlpool arm, after about 10 minutes or so I remove the pump from the loop and slowly ramp up flow...
  17. oceanic_brew

    Show Your Electric Brew Day Pictures!

    Finally got everything geared up!
  18. oceanic_brew

    Hosehead Brewery

    Well thanks to you fine folks I just did my first successful batch on the hosehead! Thanks! Started heating water at 5:30 and had the beer in the fermentor 9:15.
  19. oceanic_brew

    Hosehead Brewery

    Thanks for the reply everyone! I’ll try that when I get home from work.
  20. oceanic_brew

    Hosehead Brewery

    I just realized there’s an ongoing craftbeer pi thread I’ll post in that instead