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  1. Runyanka

    Selling Blichmann Brewing System

    Located in the north Texas area. Blichmann Top Tier brewing stand with (3) burners additional utility shelf as well gas line plumbed into stand 20 gallon Blichmann boilermaker boiling pot Hop Stopper addition hop spider 15 gallon Blichmann mashtun blichmann false bottom blichmann...
  2. Runyanka

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I had surgery on my achilles two weeks ago, so I’m sidelined for a while. Got plenty of recipes I’m eager to brew. Nothing but podcasts and hopeful thinking for a while.
  3. Runyanka

    Dark Mild Mild Mannered Ale (AG) (E) UK/US

    Anyone made this with WLP051? I harvested the yeast from an amber I did a month back.
  4. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    Okay so I downloaded the "EZ water calculator" and entered the water report from the link above. It looks like there are pretty minor adjustments to get everything into the "green". Let me know what you think:
  5. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    I like this idea, I'll probably start going that route. Why cut corners on the water when I'm putting so much into everything else. :tank:
  6. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    We used to live further north near Pilot Point, that house did have a full house filtration system (not RO), so that may have been the difference too.
  7. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    Oh nice, is the self service machine inside or out? I'm at Main St. and Teel, so right around the corner!
  8. Runyanka

    Frisco, TX Water Supply

    Recently moved to Frisco TX from another Texas suburb. Lately all my beers have had a lingering harshness to them, and I believe it's due to water. I've never really had to do any water adjustments (and feel quit stupid about it). Do any of you buy store RO water and brew with that? I tried...
  9. Runyanka

    Texas Frisco, TX water supply

    Does anyone here live in or near Frisco TX? I recently moved to Frisco from another suburb in the DFW area. Recently my IPA's, pale ales, and basically any other beer I brew have excessive harshness. I think I've narrowed it down to the city water. Has anyone had their water tested, care to...
  10. Runyanka

    Give-away - getting out of this.

    I’ll pay shipping for Pico! PM me!
  11. Runyanka

    Excess foam

    Is the Keezer inside our outside? My Kegerator is in the garage, where in the summer can reach 100+ degrees. Usually takes one or two pulls to chill the taps enough to calm down the foaming.
  12. Runyanka

    Kegerator won't stop running. Help!

    as stated above try putting some mass in there. Fill the empty keg with water and see if that helps.
  13. Runyanka

    What I did for beer today

    Kegged 10 gallons of New Glarus Moon Man! :rockin:
  14. Runyanka

    Brewing while drinking beer.....

    I'll typically have some beers on brewday (between 2 to 4), but only after I mash. I will crush my grains while strike water is heating. Get boil additions and sparge water ready while mashing. Once transferred to the boil kettle beersmith audibly alerts me when I need to add hops, etc. I...
  15. Runyanka

    drill chuck chewing up my BC shaft

    Try wrapping a couple layers of electrical tape around the shaft. Torque your chuck down on it tight. Should give it something to grab onto.
  16. Runyanka

    Hops used the most?

    I mostly use Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade
  17. Runyanka

    Ever had a complete fail brew day?

    Worst brew day I've had to date involved to much Homebrew. Boiled my mash out. Didn't purge my chiller. And drunk friends suck at cleaning equipment.
  18. Runyanka

    Driveway Pilsner

    at least you didn't get burnt! sucks though, my neighborhood would still be echoing my obsinities.
  19. Runyanka

    Brew time

    I'm usually cleaning mash tun and everything I can while the wort is coming to a boil.