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  1. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - $400 This chamber has a temp controller probe that takes a reading directly from your fermenting beer, and either turns on the fridge if it needs to cool or turns on the heater if needs to warm. Fermentation chamber large enough for six carboys, off the ground a few feet...
  2. Spludge

    All Grain Gravity Homebrew Stand 10G Batches

    ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - $900 With a heavy heart I am selling my brew stand! After gaining a bunch of experience brewing over 50 batches in Seattle, I built this system when I moved back home to Anchorage. Marriage, work and children have taken priority over this, so it is time to find it a better...
  3. Spludge

    How do you clean the inside of the wine thief?

    Overnight soak in a more powerful cleaner such as PBW?
  4. Spludge

    Brew Day Visitor

    Apparently moose like Hefe :)
  5. Spludge

    What to say when homebrew is no good?

    You should have grabbed the mic during speeches and gone on a long winded lecture about sanitation and fermentation temperatures. Maybe quote some Palmer and Papazian.
  6. Spludge

    How to handle this keg for road trip?

    Here is some advice I got from Yooper years ago regarding transferring between kegs before the trip. This removes all the sediment so upon arrival you are ready to serve. If your not planning on serving right when you arrive and have some time to let the beer settle, than you can probably...
  7. Spludge

    Fermentation Enclosure for heating and cooling?

    I'm lazy and opted out of building the STC 1000. I spent the extra money on a plug and play unit already setup for this. I have this wired into a carboy thermowell. Ceramic heater for the heating cycle...
  8. Spludge

    Need some knowledge :)

    This! Before you start digging into a subject hit that specific forum and read the stickies
  9. Spludge

    New to labeling

    You probably already saw it in this forum section, but just in case, here is a sweet label making site. I use these and tape them on although someday I'll try the milk trick with them.
  10. Spludge

    Am I screwed??

    Looks good to go, get some wort in there! :drunk:
  11. Spludge

    Drilling Bulkhead Fittings

    Thanks for all the replies, appreciate the insight!
  12. Spludge

    Drilling Bulkhead Fittings

    Due to my mash tun setup, I have a lot of deadspace and it drains fairly slow. I was thinking of drilling a bunch of 1/16" holes in the bottom of the three SS fittings that connect the screens to the bulkhead. Is there any reason this would be a bad idea?
  13. Spludge

    Stacked Dual Chamber Fermentation Chamber Build

    Daaaaammmnnnnnnnnn dude! What a build Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  14. Spludge

    Nostalgia-Electrics, 60 Can Cooler-Fridge

    An extended insulated lid would definitely work, make sure and post if you do it! :D The Red Bull fridge is about 3.5-4" tall. I left it behind when I moved so can't take a direct measurement. It is very stable for loading, but it is definitely a lift to get the full bucket in and out.
  15. Spludge

    Nostalgia-Electrics, 60 Can Cooler-Fridge This link says "Inner dimensions: 17" Height x 15" Diameter" in which case it would be too short for 5 gal fermentor. Even if it was tall enough that seems pretty spendy for single fermentation...
  16. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    Thank kpr! Funny thing is, about half way through this project I started thinking that I should have just used a chest freezer underneath rather than a side fridge since it is already elevated enough for it. With some metal grating as the fermentor floor it may have been more efficient and would...
  17. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    Thanks y'all! I'm working on it :D
  18. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    Added the dimensions here: Interior dimensions ended up at 30" x 45" which is overkill for six carboys, you could go smaller. It might make sense to change the dimension a little to make better use of standard sizes of plywood and insulation. Changing total length of the long walls to 48"...
  19. Spludge

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Brewing Water Part 2

    Thank you! Nice job distilling a scientific topic into useful information for the average homebrewer.
  20. Spludge

    Elevated Six Carboy Fermentation Chamber

    Final Product! Added whiteboard to front door. Just finished it last night, going to do a trial run tonight. You may be thinking no way that little fridge will cool that much space. The catch is I live in Alaska so really the cooling will almost never be on. Anchorage high last year was...