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  1. Jilaman

    Need help with Pumpkin Stout Recipe

    I am new to recipe formulation and I am wanting to do something similiar to Elysian Brewing's Dark O'the Moon pumpkin stout. I saw a starter recipe thread doing a search here, but no one ever responded how it turned out, and it didn't look like a great recipe. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Jilaman

    Clone Recipe Help: Samuel Adams Merry Mischief

    Is this a tried and true recipe, or a first shot formulation ? It sounds like a good shot at it, I might try it as my next brew.
  3. Jilaman

    Clone Recipe Help: Samuel Adams Merry Mischief

    I am looking for some help in cloning this beer. I don't have much experience cloning commercial beers and formulating recipes. So any help would be greatly appreciated. My take on it, it is a chocolate stout, with the gingerbread spices, and it tops out at 9.0% ABV, so it might be...
  4. Jilaman

    Wanted: Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs - San Antonio TX

    I live near sea world as well. How much do you want for them and how many did you have to sell? I am looking for 2 or 3 depending on price.
  5. Jilaman

    Wanted: Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs - San Antonio TX

    I am looking for anyone selling 5 Gallon Ball-Lock Corny Kegs in the San Antonio, Texas area at a reasonable price. New or used, I can buy seal kits to recondition them, but I don't want to pay retail or shipping for them. I think they are overpriced at most homebrew shops and mail order...
  6. Jilaman

    Show us your Kegerator

    The 105MM shell is a nice touch for a tap tower! Good job.
  7. Jilaman

    Rubber coated keg for Brew Kettle?

    Get a different keg for a boil kettle. Because the rubber will melt and it will be a hazard.
  8. Jilaman

    In Bathroom Stalls...

    Huge letters "JESUS SAVES!" Written below "He passes to Gretzky, Gretzky SCORES!!!"
  9. Jilaman

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Sweet count me in on this!
  10. Jilaman

    Alexander Keith's White Ale

    I was coming home from Canada this weekend and found this at the Duty Free. I like Keith's when I am in Canada because the selection in most restaraunts is limited to BMC, there are exceptions to that tho. Well Keith's India Pale Ale is really not much of an IPA by any definition...
  11. Jilaman

    What to do with cider?

    I have 5 gallons of cider, in it's secondary fermenter. It has long since finished fermenting, I am curious as to what to do with it to make a good "still cider" with some mulling spices and possibly stabilize it and back sweeten. Has anyone made something like this and what methods did you...
  12. Jilaman

    World of Warcraft got me interested in brewing.

    No EQ is still alive and just released the 15th expansion. EQ2 always sucked. And WoW hit 11 Million Subscribers......
  13. Jilaman

    World of Warcraft got me interested in brewing.

    I played EQ for well over 3 years, and moved to WoW in the beta and played two characters to 60 and quit well before Burning Crusade came out.. and I haven't really looked back, I just don't have time to put the investment of my time into the game, and I have lots of time to brew.
  14. Jilaman

    Oxi Clean

    I used the yellow lidded stuff, which works fine. And just like the other stuff if you rinse the crap out of it, no left over smells.
  15. Jilaman

    Starters for cider yeast

    I made one and used Mott's 100% Apple Juice. Worked great for a starter for my cider.
  16. Jilaman

    Toronto Mo Fo's

    Where is Amsterdam in Toronto? I try to find new beer things in Toronto, I have family that live up there and I will be up there around Christmas. :)
  17. Jilaman

    Orange zest in the keg

    Do you have a problem with head retention after you do this? It seems to me that the oils in the orange zest would nuke your beers head retention......
  18. Jilaman

    Just How important is the Steeler/Redskin game anyway?

    what kind of horse**** thing did you just post? ignorant idiots.
  19. Jilaman

    Intense halloween experience.

    What was on the little piece of paper?
  20. Jilaman

    Austin Homebrew...

    This is all very simple, if you want it FAST pay for the expedited shipping. If you don't mind waiting a few extra days, then go flat rate and save some $$. I swear there is a new post like this every week, or 20 of them everytime Austin Homebrew has a sale. Forrest has done a great job...