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  1. Sheep_Dog

    Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    Has anyone seen the recent release hit the stores yet?
  2. Sheep_Dog

    Lions SUCK!!!!!

    I sure hope Bradford likes getting his ass kicked on Sundays!
  3. Sheep_Dog

    Any hockey fans out there?

    Nothing worth talking about..... :drunk: Go Wings!!! Every baby born in Michigan goes home in a replica Lord's Cup!
  4. Sheep_Dog

    All I want for Christmas is....

    Can't complain about mine but here's to ya..... Apfelwein!
  5. Sheep_Dog

    "Beer" Magazine rant

    Derek anyone can connect a beer of the month to hot chick photos. Check this out you or one of your writers go into the local watering hole find a hottie or six who appear to be beer snobs. An interview, a few photos and bam you have a monthly column with hot chicks! I'm assuming you have...
  6. Sheep_Dog

    Screw you, Maxim!!

    Feel better?
  7. Sheep_Dog

    WARNING! for Ultimate Brewery Cleaner users

    Jay sorry about your equipment but my hats off to AHB!
  8. Sheep_Dog

    morebeer contest

    That means you should already one. So if you win I'll let you know my address, thanks! :rockin:
  9. Sheep_Dog

    "Beer" Magazine rant

    +1 Beer Babe of the Month! :ban:
  10. Sheep_Dog

    "Beer" Magazine rant

    You should probably offer up some free subscriptions, it is Christmas after all, so we can decide if it sucks on our own! :)
  11. Sheep_Dog

    Surgeon General's Warning

    Didn't seem to bother ya to much during!
  12. Sheep_Dog

    How close is your family?

    All our relatives are in Michigan.
  13. Sheep_Dog

    Please suggest a good vodka

    I second the offering of some Jack, they may enjoy it more then what they are use to drinking!
  14. Sheep_Dog

    stuck at home. damn ford!

    Drink some (copious amounts) of home brew, hand the wife the glass that you just tipped back and utter the famous words...... "Watch this ****!" You'll make it!
  15. Sheep_Dog

    Anyone Here Use a Straight Razor

    Thanks ********, now how am I going to break the news to the wife in the morning? :)
  16. Sheep_Dog

    Someone didn't get the memo. (Long but worth it)

    1-0 for the good guys! A few of the dirt bags get killed breaking into houses or trying to rob stores every month around here, glad you got your jab in!
  17. Sheep_Dog

    Tomorrow I bury my best friend

    Sorry about your loss!
  18. Sheep_Dog

    Take this Camel Jockey....

    I just noticed today that opec is going to cut over 2 million barrels a day in hopes of increasing demand again!
  19. Sheep_Dog

    anyone with coast guard or reserves experience?

    I wanted to enlist in the Coast Guard after my first enlistment in the Army was up but the recruiter wanted me to go back to E-4 and of course complete their basic training. I had no problem with the basic training but I recently made E-5 and was still young, dumb, and full of..... well you...
  20. Sheep_Dog

    Apfelwein's best \ worst injury to date?

    Damn man I hope the wrist is doing better, looks like it was a hell of a break!