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  1. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Holiday Lager Label

    Well, after floating 2 kegs this weekend, we decided it was time to put the Marzen we brewed up for the holidays on tap. After I cleaned the beer lines and tapped the keg, I whipped up a quick label for it... What do you think?
  2. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Having party today - need suggestions

    So did it work out? :)
  3. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Fortunato's Casque del Amontillado

    This might just be me being colorblind but aren;t the text and wall almost the exact same color? :0
  4. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    How do you guys make these INCREDIBLE label graphics?

    I am a photographer "in real life" so i have a lot of experience working with photoshop. Once you know what it can do, its fairly easy. I usually start out with a photo of one of our dogs, then add and blend elements as required. For example in our last label, I started with a photo of our...
  5. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Frozen Kegs

    So we haven't been using our bar for a few days while i was tracking down a co2 leak. Get things hooked back up and go to pull a beer to see if the kegs kept pressure, and I find out that while we were ignoring it, the temp in our fridge got too cold, and not i have two frozen kegs, one of...
  6. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    First Tap Handle Label

    Very nice. Did you make the tap handle itself?
  7. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    New American Wheat Tap Handle Label

    BTW, I made the tap handles themselves from a couple of sawed off craft table legs from Michaels and some little craft wood plaques.
  8. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    New American Wheat Tap Handle Label

    Pretty much the same thing. We reuse our labels too. They are laminated and stuck on with 3M easy off sticky tabs. I just print them at the right size, trim the corners and they are good to go.
  9. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    New American Wheat Tap Handle Label

    Continuing the series using our dogs in our labels, heres a tap handle label for the delicious wheat beer currently residing in our second keg. Not my favorite from the series, but its pretty fun (especially since rory, the beastie in teh label, really is a glutton for punishment)...
  10. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Idea for a rather random Swap

    Ill play along with this if you can get it together.
  11. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Today I'm making...

    well it's been a little over 3 weeks since brewday and I think today is the day I'll rack my wheat into the keg. Brew to keg in 3 weeks seems pretty quick but I've been told that's not too unusual for a wheat beer? Anyway, looking forwarding to tasting it...
  12. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    source to online quick disconnects?

    Haha rereading my post I discovered that iPhone is fine for forum reading, bot so fine for forum posting :)
  13. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    source to online quick disconnects?

    Those look perfect. i assume I just need some barbed pipe end to stuff in there and Im good to go. Thanks!
  14. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    source to online quick disconnects?

    I'm looking to modify our keezer set up to the following: Beer line from keg to quick disconnect mounted on collar. Beer line from quick disconnect to draft tower mounted on bar top. The idea is that I can disconnect the beer lines when I pull our keezer out from under the bar rather than...
  15. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Earl grey stout?

    This sounds delicious. Cant wait to see the recipe.
  16. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Today I'm making...

    Yep i meant original gravity and even meant to type it, but its been a long day and I can't brain anymore :)
  17. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Today I'm making...

    Well I did it, I made beer. Everything went real smooth. No problems, or hiccups, although BrewinGirl might have been sick of my questions by the end of it :) I ordered the American Wheat partial mash kit from Austin Homebrew, and I guess the biggest surprise to me in the whole process was...
  18. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Today I'm making...

    I'm okay with fun :)
  19. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Today I'm making...

    Beer! Ive been watching fairbanksbrewingirl do it for a while, but it's my first batch on my own. Wish me luck!
  20. FairbanksBrewinNoob

    Any Harmony One owners on tha' bier web?

    I have a harmony 520, that I am trying to set up to be easy to use for my dad. Remotes pretty much completely puzzle him, and this is the simplest one i've seen so far, although Im still going to to have to make a cheat sheet for him ;) How do you like the Harmony one? Want to trade it for a...