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  1. Jolly McStanson

    Man, I love Apfelwein

  2. Jolly McStanson

    What beer(s) have you lost interest in since homebrewing?

    All of them until now. I haven't had a home brew sense last April. Time to get back into it. I still like all the commercial beer, including Bud, Miller and Coors. Plus all the fancy stuff.
  3. Jolly McStanson

    Is this batch ruined

    Sarcasm? I cant differentiate between sarcasm and reality any more...........dump the batch its ruined, lol
  4. Jolly McStanson

    Dry Hopping Question

    I dry hop all the time. I sanitize the scissors and hop package and funnel. I dump them in and thats that. My last batch I dry hoped with hop plugs. So I had hop leaves to deal with. I put the syphon into the middle of the beer and syphoned from there. Eventually it clogged. Iv had no off...
  5. Jolly McStanson

    American Pale Ale Lake Walk Pale Ale

    Does beer get any better then this stuff? My latest batch boiled down to a little less then 5 gallons by mistake. Now its thicker and malt yer witch balances out the bittering hops even better. The taste is explosive and citrusy with a big nose. It has a thicker mouth feel and slightly sweeter...
  6. Jolly McStanson

    if oxygen feeds yeast, why not shake constantly during fermentation?

    Some guys are leaving the air lock off and putting a sanitized piece of aluminum foil over the top of the carboy. I'm doing that on my latest batch so the fermenting beer can breath. If you leave the air lock on and shake, I dont think it will give the yeast oxygen. The yeast used all the...
  7. Jolly McStanson

    Lol what will dry yeast do if put in kettle???

    I always pitch my yeast into the boiling wort. Haven't had any problems yet so far. :drunk:
  8. Jolly McStanson

    Overnight Mashing

    I bet your beer is going to very dry. You may get a little sour going on. When iv left my cooler full of spent grains over night, it got a little funky smelling. Bacteria love sweet wort. In your case, ones you boil the wort, your golden. You may discover a new recipe.
  9. Jolly McStanson

    Joan Jett is hot, shes a very pretty woman

    This is the link to the Stevie Nicks pic. Just coppy and past it, or click on it.
  10. Jolly McStanson

    Joan Jett is hot, shes a very pretty woman

    Stevie was ones my favorite too. She had the sexiest singing voice in the 70s.
  11. Jolly McStanson

    Giving it a good stir?

    No matter where the braid is, it doesn't affect the dead space. All the fluid will drain out the outlet.. until it reaches the outlet level.
  12. Jolly McStanson

    Post if you're brewing today

    I brewed a batch of Lake Walk last week. God i love this beer. This is my second batch. The Orange/Cascade pale Ale is a close second for me.
  13. Jolly McStanson

    Post if you're brewing today

    Brewed up another batch of Orange/Cascades. Took about 4 or 5 hours. Not many curve balls. I cant wait till its drinkable in a few months
  14. Jolly McStanson

    Indian food?

    My great grandmother was Swedish. I miss her Swedish cooking.
  15. Jolly McStanson

    Put some cheap beer in a growler and dry hop it.

    My cousin was talking to a guy that did this and the beer turned out great. What a great idea.
  16. Jolly McStanson

    Can I figure my cooler dead space this way?

    I measured my dead space by measuring the water left in the cooler after I emptied it. I Tilted the cooler to get even less dead space. I mash with the cooler flat then tilt it when sparging.
  17. Jolly McStanson

    racking to a secondary? really?

    I made a patch of Cascades/ Orange Pale ale from the recipe section, using just a primary. I dry hopped in the primary and every thing. I left it in there for about a month. It was clear when I kegged it. I aged it in the keg for another 3 weeks. Its the best beer iv ever brewed to date.
  18. Jolly McStanson

    Will this be safe?

    Was it designed to hold a lot of weight with the prongs being there? Why would they even sell it if it wasn't safe?
  19. Jolly McStanson

    My first batch is bubbling away!

    Iv been at this hobby for 20 years. This forum has improved my skills beyond belief