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  1. earlyd

    Turkey Frier

    Thank you very much. This is just what I wanted to do.
  2. earlyd

    Turkey Frier

    I am looking to put a bigger burner on my brew stand. My question here is, has anyone here ever converted a propane turkey fryer burner to natural gas? If so how did it work for you? Also do you remember what size you drilled the orifice out to and how many BTU's the burner was putting out...
  3. earlyd

    Stout Carbonation Level?????

    Beer Gas or G-Gas I have heard it both way's is a mixture of co2 and nitrogen. G- Gas is short for Guinness gas, or so I’m told. Because the nitrogen will not dissolve easy in beer this is gives Guinness that big thick frothy head.
  4. earlyd

    Stout Carbonation Level?????

    I have just brewed a chocolate oatmeal stout that I plan on kegging. I have a new stout faucet and G-Gas set up that I plant to use to serve with. My question is.... I plan to force carbonate with co2 and serve with G-Gas. Should I under carbonate my beer accounting for the carbonation that will...
  5. earlyd

    Old Cask Questions

    Thanks Is there a fear of off flavors from the sodium metabisulphite of citric acid? Also do you think that we should try to recondition the barrel with whiskey and if so how lond should we let it sit before using it.?
  6. earlyd

    Old Cask Questions

    My buddy came across an old wooden rum cask. We guess it to be about 20 to 30 years old and about 1.5 to 2 gallons. It is dried out so he has been soaking it and it is almost tight. We were going to try to put some beer into it and I was wondering if there is anything that we should do to...
  7. earlyd

    New Beer Stand

    I have had these pumps for a long time so I guess I forgot to add them to the total. ($300.00 sounds good to the wife I guess) I beleve the part number I have is the 2p039 rated for 200F. I may not be correct however.
  8. earlyd

    New Beer Stand

    Ok, Ok, My dumb A$$ figured out how to make the pictures larger.
  9. earlyd

    New Beer Stand

    The camera is a little dated I know. I could not figure out how to inlarge the picts. The pumps are little giant pumps that I bought from Grainger. They work well once they are primed.
  10. earlyd

    New Beer Stand

    Here are some picts of the new beer stand I made. Front Back Mash Tun One of three old water heater burner. I used old water heater burners and use the natural gas from the house as fuel. I found that the burners work well, a little slow on the boil. Eventuly I would like to...
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  15. earlyd

    Natural Gas Feed Line?

    I am building a natural gas brew sculpture and had a few questions on a gas feed line. I need a line to run from the house to the beer stand and was wondering if anyone has ever used pneumatic air hose as a natural gas feed line? I have a natural gas quick connect fitting on the back of my...
  16. earlyd

    Advice on using a cooler MLT for a Mini-Mash kit

    The thing I would worry about is not having enough grain to act as a filter. The grain bes itself will filter out a lot of particles. With such a small amout of grain is a big mash tun you might get some grain particles in the wort.
  17. earlyd

    Last Minute Questions Before 1st AG

    Very good answer. Just remember brewing is supposed to be fun. Don't worry too much about every little detail. Take your time and everything will work out fine. Enjoy, ~d
  18. earlyd

    Water heater burner???

    I am thinking of building a brew stand and was wondering if anyone has ever used a natural gas water heater burner for their HLT or mash tun. If so how did it work. I am trying to keep the cost down and figured that this might be a good cost cutter. ~d
  19. earlyd

    Jockey Box Questions???

    I have the 3/8" stainless lubing going into a 8" to 10" piece of 3/8" braded tube. What can I use to restrict this??? ~d Also thank you to everyone for all your insight
  20. earlyd

    Jockey Box Questions???

    I did and I also disassembled my coupler and checked the seals there as well.