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  1. lroog

    I forgot to take my OG

    That worked pretty good, thanks for the tip. I came up with 1.060 - 1.055, so I am somewhere in the 4.5 to 5% range.
  2. lroog

    I forgot to take my OG

  3. lroog

    I forgot to take my OG

    But my final is 1.022. Any way to guess what the ABV might be?
  4. lroog

    Cigar City Jai Alai White Oak Aged IPA

    It's a top 5 beer for me. An outstanding beer, the oakey flavors at so subtle and really balance with the hops.
  5. lroog

    Favorite Brewing Music

    Widespread Panic, Dead, Reggae...
  6. lroog

    quick question on legality

    Who is ever going to know how much beer I brew? Is investigation something you worry about?
  7. lroog

    Best Brewers Festival for Vacation?

    I would think the Great American Beer Festival in Denver would be the one to attend.
  8. lroog

    Burned out on my homebrew - reciple suggestions please?

    Go with a nice American Blond. There are tons of recipes out there.
  9. lroog

    I actually never liked beer!

    I have always liked beer, my dad would let me have a sip of his High Life as a kid. But I really didn't drink anything till I was 21 and I wanted to find some good beer. Newcastle was my first good beer and that was really all I drank for several years. THen as the American Craft Beers became...
  10. lroog

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    That is very strange, have you been living under a rock?
  11. lroog

    It's brew day!!!

    :mug: Me too! Just got a Pilocillo Brown Fall Ale from Austin Homebrew in the fermenter. Pretty stoked, this recipe sounds awesome and it will be ready just as the cool breeze makes it's way down to sunny FL. Ya'll have a great brew day!
  12. lroog

    Fermenting at 75+ degrees?

    This describes my situation precisely. Brewnow> that is what I did. Should be ready to drink in two weeks and it smelled amazing when I bottled it. I want to brew a Octoberfest style with ale yeast but I feel like the temp should be lower on that.
  13. lroog

    A Question About Head...

    I've been pretty lucky, I get head all the time, on my beers.
  14. lroog

    Fermenting at 75+ degrees?

    I live in FL and it simply cannot get cool enough in the summer to ferment my beers below 75 degrees. My beer tastes good, but I can't help to wonder if they would taste better if they fermented at a cooler temperature. What are some of your experiences with fermentation temperature?
  15. lroog

    Brewer's Best Oktober Fest

    Thanks everyone, I think i'll give it a go.
  16. lroog

    Brewer's Best Oktober Fest

    It says the kit can be brewed like an ale. Anyone have any experience with this particular kit? It was a gift, so I think I'm going to try is anyway but I wanted some of your thoughts. Thanks. :mug:
  17. lroog

    New Fall Seasonal Kits on Austin Homebrew Supply

    I pulled the trigger on the brown, sounds real good. That site is awesome, I'll be making some purchases from their again so long as this recipe turns out well. I'll let you know.
  18. lroog

    New Fall Seasonal Kits on Austin Homebrew Supply

    That brown does look nice. Thanks for posting.
  19. lroog

    What is your favorite Hops?

    Well both beers are very good. The Sorichi(sp) hops definitely have a citrus aroma and flavor. It's fun to take both beers side by side and get the taste difference.
  20. lroog

    What is your favorite Hops?

    I am just about ready to drink my PA that I made with sorichi (sp) hops. I used the same recipe for grain, yeast, and whatnot but I switched up the hops to see what the difference will be. I'm looking forward to drinking both types of PA side by side to taste the difference. What are some of...