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  1. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    Anyone else play CBG's (Cigar Box Guitars)? I am not a super huge Blues fan, but I do love the old school type blues. I seen a guy playing one and decided I wanted one. After not being very impressed with a lot of them I seen for sale online I decided to start building my own. Turns out I am...
  2. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    I been keeping an eye on those Hello Kitty (well a Strat Squire one) for my youngest here lately. She is only 6 but shows a lot of interest so I may be picking one up in a couple of years.
  3. Maveric777

    Plastic bottle carboy?

    I have 4 of them I been using since I first started. They are the same thing as the Better Bottles except they don't have the "Better Bottle" logo on the side of them. Plus mine where way cheaper.... As in They are perfectly fine to use......:mug:
  4. Maveric777

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I got my first batch on this weekend. Surprisingly easy.... Can't wait!
  5. Maveric777

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    11,384.5 + 5 = 11,389.5
  6. Maveric777

    Lost Cause - new label

    Nice work!
  7. Maveric777

    Hello to all from Dallas

    Welcome to HBT fellow Texan.......:mug:
  8. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    Now that!..... Is a sweet setup.....
  9. Maveric777

    New Apfelwein Label

    I'd drink it.... Ain't scared.....:D Nice job......:mug:
  10. Maveric777

    Big Fat Rat

  11. Maveric777

    20 Days and still bubblin!

    Thanks for making me spew my water on my monitor with this comment.....:cross:
  12. Maveric777

    questions about bottling

    I'll recite the very fraze my wife and I say every time we bottle, transfer, etc.... Don't Fear The Foam :mug:
  13. Maveric777

    Thanks sis!!!

    WoW.... I normaly get one from my Sis asking when is the brew going to be Congrats Limited!
  14. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    Cool to so many guitar players around. Like I mentioned I got a lot of catching up to do. I only played for about a year or so before I laid it down, but played every day. My wife accused me of being obsessed.... OK actually she called me About 3 months before I laid it down I...
  15. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    I really wish I never put mine down to be honest. I was far from good, but folks always loved it when I broke it out from time to time and played for everyone (I normaly wait till everyone is good and buzzed... that way they all say I rock the next I have lost all the calluses on...
  16. Maveric777

    Any Guitar Pickers In Da House?

    Just wondered if there where any other guitar pickers here on HBT. I was hard and heavy about it before I bought my house and put them down about a year and a half ago. Been picking them back up here recently.... I forgot how much therapy it can be to kick back and get lost on a guitar. I'm...
  17. Maveric777

    1st brew a success

    Congrats on the first of hopefully many milestones.....:mug:
  18. Maveric777

    As I'm drinking my first Sierra Nevada Torpedo...

    I get it.......:mug:.......:)
  19. Maveric777

    How to Order a Beer in Fifty Languages, and say it in 70

    This one...... I got a chuckle out of.......:D
  20. Maveric777

    Dime Box, TX brewer

    Howdy!.... And welcome to HBT!