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  1. cushdan

    For Sale 15 gallon stainless steel kettle w/valve + thermometer (central CT)

    $200 would like to sell locally 15 gallon stainless steel kettle/pot Ball valve blichmann thermometer Thick Polarware pot original owner, very good condition and very solid pot location: west hartford, CT
  2. cushdan

    Connecticut Mini fridge kegerator - two tap tower, Perlick +extas

    Kegerator built from a fridge and kit from kegconnection, includes everything you need. Asking $500. Works great. 2 tap tower 2 Perlick taps Co2 tank and regulator Fridge fits two 5 gallon corny kegs 3 corny kegs, each 5 gallons cleaning supplies Extra keg o-rings and lubricant Smaller...
  3. cushdan

    help a new CT brewery?

    My local homebrew store (Brew-Wine of East Hartford) is hoping to start their own brewery (in Bristol) and they're looking for some support. If anyone is interested in helping get their production started up they have a kickstarter page with more details...
  4. cushdan

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I need this
  5. cushdan

    Kvass Recipe

    there was an article about kvass in a recent "brew your own" magazine, they probably had some recipes in there
  6. cushdan

    I did something stupid.

    That's my current plan...the only way I would keep it is if someone on here said "Oh I dye rocks for a living and we use food coloring and rainbow clouds to color our rocks, its very safe" or "I eat three painted rocks just like that for breakfast every day and I'm 96" We'll see how that goes.
  7. cushdan

    I did something stupid.

    lol I did, it was absolutely terrifying when I hit post.
  8. cushdan

    I did something stupid.

    Hey all... So as I mentioned, I did something stupid. For my last batch (an IPA, not that it matters really) I did some dry hopping. I put the hops (some pellet, some leaf) in a muslin bag and wanted to weigh them down with something. I had a little bag of some marbles and a couple polished...
  9. cushdan

    Commercial beers, cloudy chunks

    I just found this, it seems a little more probably than yeast based on how it looked: I'll assume they're protein from now on
  10. cushdan

    Commercial beers, cloudy chunks

    Has anyone encountered commercial beers (from the bottle) that have clear/white cloudy chunks floating in them? I recently had this happen with a Smuttynose Big A IPA and have had it happen in the past with a Delirium Tremens. They taste fine and I end up drinking them but I'm obviously...
  11. cushdan

    Body Problems

  12. cushdan

    Do I have a problem?

    ...and you're going to hell.
  13. cushdan

    $195.99 8.8 cf kenmore chest freezers at sears :)
  14. cushdan

    Chest Freezer Deal (8.8cuft $195 or less at Sears)

    Figured this might be useful for someone:
  15. cushdan

    Brew Day 10-11-2009 - Let's Roll

    Clearly your time spent in Mexico has given you valuable experience that you now use to describe the many flavors of beer.
  16. cushdan

    Imperial IPA Variant?

    I wouldnt dump a big beer like that within a month of making it. Give it some more time to mellow out and with any luck the off flavors will be less apparent and it will be drinkable. I've definitely had a batch or two that I thought was undrinkable but after saving it they turned out alright.
  17. cushdan

    Harpoon Leviathan IIPA - need help

    I've been screwing around with BeerCalculus and this is what I have right now. Any thoughts are welcome: hopville . "Beast Infection" Imperial IPA Recipe 10 lb X-Light Dry Malt Extract 1 lb Corn Sugar (Dextrose) 1 lb Crystal 60L Batch size: 5.0 gallons Original Gravity 1.104 Final...
  18. cushdan

    Harpoon Leviathan IIPA - need help

    I am planning on doing an IIPA as my next batch but have not finalized a recipe yet. I like the hop flavors of the Harpoon Leviathan IIPA and would like to do a clone or something close to it but have not been able to find any tried and true recipes for it. Does anyone have a recipe or an...
  19. cushdan

    sugar after fermentation

    you keep saying "thermometer problem" do you mean "hydrometer problem"?