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  1. ultra_cas

    FAST GIVEAWAY for Inkbird ITC-310T-B Temperature Contrller - Only last for 24 hrs!!

    Sounds great, count me in. Always game for an upgrade!
  2. ultra_cas

    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    BYO and homebrewtalk forum
  3. ultra_cas

    Breweries, wastewater, and the EPA

    Thought this was an interesting video about breweries and how they deal with their wastewater treatment.
  4. ultra_cas

    Beer question for you experts!

    Make a Belgian trippel but cut back on the hops.
  5. ultra_cas

    1 Barrel (volume) Fermentation Options

    This: We brewed enough to fill a whiskey barrel, took some work, on 2 systems, 10 and 12 gallon batches at a time, over a couple days. It was a hell of a weekend! 65 gallons - 55 for the barrel, 5 gallon to compare that didn't go in the barrel, and another 5 gallons to offset the "angel's...
  6. ultra_cas

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Brine overnight - standard water, salt, sugar, rum, garlic, bay leaves and pepper. Dry with a paper towel, lay out on cooling rack and have a fan blowing on it for about an hour to form the pellicle. In the smoker for 4 hours with pear tree wood (neighbors tree). Old charcoal smoker, temp...
  7. ultra_cas

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Does smoking lake trout and salmon count in the Meat Smoking forum? :)
  8. ultra_cas

    New post a picture of your pint

    Brewing last weekend, needed 2 kegs to get my RO water, and voila, I found a full keg. It was carbed and under pressure, put it in the keezer, sampled it, and bonus - it was a keg of my barrel aged saison we brewed 2 years earlier, then aged in a 55 gal whiskey barrel with Bret for a year...
  9. ultra_cas

    Gene editing - yeast with hop characteristics

    I saw an article this morning on gene editing, coming up with new fruits, etc. which got me thinking about all the new hops out there. I believe these new varieties come from selective breeding, but was wondering if gene manipulation was/is being used to create new hops varieties. A quick...
  10. ultra_cas

    I'm at my wits end and really need some help

    Go back and brew a couple of batches from extract. Learn your system - fermentation temps, yeast pitching, etc. A lot less can go wrong with extracts, and you can brew some really good beers using extract. Get some good beers under your belt so you feel good about it again, get the process...
  11. ultra_cas

    Successful IPA brew day

    I just wanted to share a fun, successful brew day. Had a recipe all planned out for Sunday, got a nice early start. My plan for the mash – I’ve never done a mash out, heard it’s not really necessary, but often thought about it, so planned on reducing my sparge water by 1 gallon, and take that...
  12. ultra_cas

    Cure for foamy pours? What is this?

    I've seen them at ballparks.
  13. ultra_cas

    3 word story

    and open wallets
  14. ultra_cas

    Headed to Montreal in April..

    Old Montreal is worth checking out. If you're in to shopping, Quartier Dix30 (300 stores) just outside Montreal, highway 10 east over the bridge, not far. I see you're from Amherst, if it's Amherst, MA you'll be driving right by it, assuming you're driving up 91 and 89 in VT to get there...
  15. ultra_cas

    Finally, First* Brew Day Tomorrow

    I'll be watching this thread, as I'm really curious how it turns out. Either way I think you'll have a memorable brew for your birthday! Hoping it turns out the way you hope.
  16. ultra_cas

    Remember when...

    Probably already mentioned, but: Bugs Bunny and Road Runner show, Captain Caveman, Grape Ape, Superfriends and the Hall of Justice, you know - the Sat. morning cartoons.
  17. ultra_cas

    Looking for suggestions for a coffee beer recipe

    Here's a recipe I just made, a coffee porter, 5 gallons: 9 lbs Pale Ale Malt 1 lb Munic 10L 8 oz Flaked Barley 8 oz Caramel/Crystal 60L 8 oz Chocolate Malt 4 oz Black Patent Malt 0.5 oz Nugget (13%) 60 min 0.5 oz Cascade (7.8%) 30 min 0.5 oz Cascade (7.8%) 10 min 0.5 oz Cascade (7.8%)...
  18. ultra_cas

    Long mash time (to suit my availability)

    I'm guessing you'll be fine, is it in a cooler or something insulated to keep it close to your target temp? Lots of people do an overnight mash for this reason, although I've yet to try it.