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  1. Free_Eagle

    Green Gauge? + Sanity Check

    That is correct a single stage line regulator with a third output will just pass through the HP onto the next one. The only reason you would need a two stage before that cascade of regulators would be if they were all LP line regulators.
  2. Free_Eagle

    Help with Regulator

    I have a bag of these zip tied to every regulator so I always have a bunch, because they are a PITA. When I used to fill CO2 tanks we put a washer in a little blue cap to go over the valve outlet, they suck.
  3. Free_Eagle

    co2 bottle/reg near refridgerant lines?

    I have the same set-up as you and leave my CO2 tanks against year round outside without a problem. Unless you fridge get down to the -109 F range there is no need to worry about the CO2.
  4. Free_Eagle

    Confusing Gas Leak

    If you are using a 20 or 50 # CO2 make sure that where you got it from didn't give you a Siphon type tank. This would cause the o-ring to freeze, destroy, and leak all over. If it is from Airgas the label will say syphon of the right side above the writing. You can also look around or on the...
  5. Free_Eagle

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Sign me up.
  6. Free_Eagle

    Do you refill or exchange your CO2 bottles

    If you are in the Cambridge/Boston area I manage the store and swap tanks at Airgas Cambridge. 5# for $18.32 including taxes & fees, 20# for $29.31 including taxes & fees.
  7. Free_Eagle

    Batches #2 and #3

    Sorry no mailed samples, all samples have been directly placed into my gut. It is the best beer that has come outta this yet and am overly happy with it. Recipe as follows: 6.00 lb Wheat Liquid Extract (Boil 60 min.) 0.38 lb Oats, Flaked (steeped 152 degrees 20 min.) 0.38 lb Pale Malt (2 Row)...
  8. Free_Eagle

    Batches #2 and #3

    Well, today my Belgian Wit was ready, and I was enjoying the Chocolate Cappuccino Stout so much I forgot to post a pic. These are batches 2 and 3 for this newby and continually love this hobby, the Belgian Wit is godly. :rockin: I gotta say that releasing a beer for friends and bottling...
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  11. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    LMAO, even though your a yankee's fan
  12. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    Now that I have read it like 6 million times I notice he uses steep where boil would normally be and things. Lacking a bit of confidence in him now. Hey, beer is beer, it will be drunk. I steeped my grains like normal so the grains should of acted normally. I think I am going to chock this...
  13. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    Yeah I am a little bummed out but whatever we will see what happens. I felt like I shoulda went with what I know but figured, and he stated, that it was like that for a reason. I'll let you know the yay or nay in a couple months.
  14. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    Well I just called the guy at the LHBS and he stated that is how he brewed the beer and the recipe is correct!?! So I guess I will follow up in two months when I find out how it turned out.
  15. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    Well lets go ahead and say I have the wort into the primary now, what do you think will be the final verdict from just steeping my DME and hops into it?
  16. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    Well at this point I am not sure why I posted as I am cooling right now. The directions, read add dry malt, hops, etc:
  17. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    I have something to run by everyone. I picked up an extract kit from my LHBS yesterday and the guy that designed the recipe told me to boil (as it says in the directions) at 150 degrees. It just seems weird to throw boil and that low of a temp together. Has anyone mad anything by doing their...
  18. Free_Eagle

    Smuttynose Brewing Old Brown Dog Ale Clone

    This is my current favorite beer, drunk on it right now, wish I could brew, must sleep........
  19. Free_Eagle

    Smuttynose Brewing Old Brown Dog Ale Clone

    I am looking to clone Smuttynose Brewing Old Brown Dog Ale and was wondering with the vat of experience out there if anyone has an extract recipe for similar clone??