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  1. landis

    What's your least favorite style and why?

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the IPA. I picked up their mixed case last time I was at the distributor (ESA, IPA, Brawler, Pale Ale). The Brawler was definitely my favorite of the group. I noticed that their IPA always gave me a terrible headache the next morning - not sure why...
  2. landis

    What's your least favorite style and why?

    If you have the opportunity please pick up Yards Brawler. It is a fantastic dark mild when enjoyed at basement temperatures. Yards is from Philly so you should be able to find it.
  3. landis

    Looking for a great low ABV Dry Stout

    Its looks like you already made you decision, but the Ó Flannagáin Standard is simple and fantastic. Good guy too, so that helps
  4. landis

    Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale

    I'm glad I spent the $30.99 - I'm enjoying a few right now and they are wonderful
  5. landis

    I did something stupid

    I'm glad to hear the beer is turning out well. I think the dry hopping is a good idea - I was thinking that when you reboiled the wort you might have lost some hop aroma / flavor, but the dry hopping should help bring back some aroma.
  6. landis

    Maybe it's just me, maybe it's this State

    I guess I'm still lamenting the loss of Vidalias - I used to go there to buy singles and six packs. Within a 10 mile radius of my house all bars seem to have the usual Bud Miller Coors and probably Heineken as their import. There is a restaurant called "The Wing Walker" that has an amazing beer...
  7. landis

    Maybe it's just me, maybe it's this State

    I guess things for a beer lover are different in a state that makes it terribly difficult for someone to purchase a 6pack or single. And on those occasions when you find six packs you'll most likely end up with some BMC (not that there is anything wrong with BMC - I don't want to rekindle that...
  8. landis

    Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale

    I must live in the wrong state. On sale today - $30.99 for a 24 of Anniversary
  9. landis

    Linux Mint?

    Techniro I super geeked out tonight and installed the kde version of mint. Install was a breeze, and I'm happy so far. I feel like kubuntu neutered kde, but so far it looks like mint did a much better job.
  10. landis

    Linux Mint?

    I think I'll just try it out too. Probably not tonight, but hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to mess around with it.
  11. landis

    Linux Mint?

    I see that they make a gnome version (their main version). I wouldn't be adverse to using gnome, but I guess I'm more comfortable in KDE.
  12. landis

    Linux Mint?

    I need a moment to geek out. Has anyone used linux mint before? I was thinking of trying out the KDE version, and I hoping for some advice from someone that previously used it. I have Kubuntu running with KDE4 now, and I'm not 100% thrilled, so I'm just looking at some other options. I...
  13. landis

    Amarillo in an Irish Stout?

    Humm.. This thread got me thinking. I'm looking to brew a nice dry Irish stout for myself and I have 1lb of centennial, 1lb of cascades, and 1lb of amarillo in my freezer. If I used a combination of these bittering (60 min) at the appropriate AA level would they impart much flavor? I was just...
  14. landis

    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    This stout looks delicious, and I'm hoping to brew an extract version! Is there an easy way to do this conversion? I usually do a 3 gallon boil. I'm guessing that these can all be steeped: 1.00 lb Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) Grain 10.81 % 1.00 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 10.81 %...
  15. landis

    This Old House and Homebrew

    I was looking for the right forum for this post, so hopefully it's right. Last night I turned on PBS right before the VP debate. Turns out "This Old House" was on. The segment was about a couple who had water in their basement, and Roger Cook was coming over to help install a dry well outside...
  16. landis

    Cheapest brew that comes in re-usable bottles

    Here's another for Sierra Nevada. The Pale Ale is always available, and once a year when those Harvest Ales come out I love those 24oz bottles.
  17. landis

    Things I've said

    I just got my 3# from hops direct. SWMBO wasn't too happy when I mentioned it cost $100, but I suppose I should learn to leave those details out.
  18. landis

    A different Crystal Malt question (flavor)

    Quick update - I picked up some Crystal 15L (lowest they had at the LHBS) to try the recipe again. Brew went well last night, so we'll see how the flavor differs from the Crystal 40 in about 6 weeks when these beers are ready to drink.
  19. landis

    Lazy Lazy Yeast

    For my 100th post I think it most appropriate to thank you Revvy. I guess the only cure for n00bitus is to brew more beer. Well, that and drink more homebrew.
  20. landis

    Some new brews

    I feel your pain. For about 2 years we had a local supermarket that somehow got around the rules and had a huge import/craft beer selection where you could pick up singles or mixed sixes. Unfortunately they never had much business and went under. Back to buying variety cases just to try out...