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  1. nosoup4me

    Putting a 20 PSI regulator on the Edelmetall Bru Burner?

    I did end up swapping it. It's not like a double the power improvement but it does help.
  2. nosoup4me

    Building Water from RO for an Russian Imperial Stout

    It's 4.75 PH without adding bicarbonates. It's an RIS so it's a lot of roast malt 18# Maris 1.5# Roast Barley 1# Special B .75# Flaked Barley .5# Dark Choc .5# Light Choc .5# Caramunich
  3. nosoup4me

    Perla Negra and Double Roasted Malts?

    I got an honorable mention in a Homebrew Label Competition and they sent some "new to me" malt. I was wondering about the Perla Negra and the Double Roast. They kinda sound like Carafa Dehusked III (although lower °) and Special B. Is that a pretty good assumption? I happen to be brewing an RIS...
  4. nosoup4me

    Building Water from RO for an Russian Imperial Stout

    23.5# of grain and 1.3 gallons a hour on a 90 minute boil. 7.50 beginning boil volume.
  5. nosoup4me

    Building Water from RO for an Russian Imperial Stout

    I've recently switched from diluting my tap water with distilled to building my water from RO (my tap water fluctuates too much to be reliable). So far I've been very happy with the results but this is my first attempt at a beer with a lot of roast malts, which is just pushing my PH way too...
  6. nosoup4me

    American Amber Ale

    So my last Amber fell a little short. It lacked Body and Malt. So I'm changing it a tad. Here is my old recipe: 78% Maris Otter 8% Munich 10 6% C-40 3.75% C-120 3.75% Victory .5% Carafa Special III (for color) This is what I plan on doing now. Any advice? 79% Maris Otter 4% Aromatic (for more...
  7. nosoup4me

    Putting a 20 PSI regulator on the Edelmetall Bru Burner?

    So I recently got an edelmetall burner (72,000 BTU) as a present. Tried it yesterday and it took 30 minutes to get 13 gallons from mash temp (150°) to boiling and 1 hour to get from tap water to boiling. I'm usually using a King Kooker Double Jet (180,000 BTU) burner that can do it in 10 min...
  8. nosoup4me

    Updated My Brewsheet. D/L in comments

    Are you using acrobat to fill in the form? What are you using to edit the form? I am unsure if the javascript that is used to calc values works in anything other than Adobe Acrobat. If you'd like me to I can take out all the calculated fields and just have them as inputs. Let me know. If you...
  9. nosoup4me

    Updated My Brewsheet. D/L in comments

    I posted this before but I've since made quite a few updates. I made this to help myself during Brew Day. It has all the fields that I record during my typical prep day and brew day. I used to scribble all this data all over a Beersmith brewsheet but it always became super jumbled. Over the...
  10. nosoup4me

    Tweaking my American Wheat to make it more "American"...

    I have a American Wheat Ale that I've submitting to a few competitions and it's done quite well. Placing in multiple comps and avg around a 39-40 score. It's pretty simple: 50% - Wheat 42% - 2 Row 4% - Lt Munich 4% - Golden Naked Oats 15 IBU of Nugget - FWH (1 oz) 2.5 IBU of Czech Saaz @ 15...
  11. nosoup4me

    Beersmith boil off from Pre to post gravity

    I find beersmith frustrating on a number of levels. Mostly pre boil vs post boil gravity. My problem was pretty much like yours. Id usually "go up this many pts in a 90 min boil with this much boil off". But BS always seemed to calculate for more. I think one of the problems is BS is doing a...
  12. nosoup4me

    WLP029 @ 60°? Even though White Labs says it doesn't do well under 62°

    So I want to brew a Kolsch and am thinking about using WLP029. Every recipe I look at from Brewing Classic Styles to AHA winning recipes say they ferment ±60°. However, White Labs states: "Does not ferment well below 62°F (17°C) except during peak fermentation." ...and list the preferred temp...
  13. nosoup4me

    Water Profile for Kolsch? ~30 Sodium too high?

    My tap water is very close to Yellow Balanced in Brunwater. And I can get there with a little bit of Gypsum and some RO dillution to get my sodium down a bit. But even at 40% dilution my Sodium is 6x the recommended amount. Can you really taste 30 ppm of Na in a light beer or am I good to go...
  14. nosoup4me

    RIS Grain Bill

    Thinking of changing up my RIS recipe a bit. It's still in the general direction of the old recipe (which is great) but tweaked a bit. How does this look? 78% Maris Otter 4% Caramunich (maybe drop all together) 3% Flaked Barley 3% Chocolate (350 SRM) 3% Carafa Special III 3% C-40 3% C-120 1.5%...
  15. nosoup4me

    Loss in BH efficiency when adding simple sugars to boil?

    In my last few beers that I added simple sugars to the end of the boil came out low on est. gravity... actually the recorded OG is where it would be if I didn't add the sugar at all. Both beers had a recorded mash efficiency that was right on target. In one beer I added 1.25# of honey in the...
  16. nosoup4me

    Accuracy of Hopshot calculation in Beersmith?

    Thanks, I think I'll go with Beersmith and do the 10 ml and see where it gets me. Hopefully this inst a huge bitter bomb and I get the calculated 60 IBUs and not the potentially 90 IBU from NB's calc.
  17. nosoup4me

    Accuracy of Hopshot calculation in Beersmith?

    Going by Northern Brewer I should be using 7.13 ml for 60 IBUS in a 1.080 OG at a 90 min boil for a 6 gallon batch. Beersmith is saying to add 10 ml to get the same 60 IBU. Just wondering why there's a difference. __ One thing I tried was to enter a recipe from Zymergy that has all the stats...
  18. nosoup4me

    Go ahead and do a diacetyl rest? Bohemian Pilsner

    I'm on Day 5 of lagering 11 gallons of a 1.045 OG Pilsner (my first lager). I did a split batch and had WY2124 (recommended yeast temp range of 45°-55°) in one carboy and WLP833 (recommended yeast temp range of 48°-55°) in another. Right now they are both sitting at 50° in the same fermentation...
  19. nosoup4me

    Dry Saflager 34/70 yeast 2 months past expiration stored at room temp.

    I have 3 packets of Fermentis Saflager 34/70 that had a best by date of 9/2017. They seemed to have been stored at room temperature the entire time (72°). Am I looking at a loss of 40%/year in cells? So originally they had 211 B > 126 B (year 1) > 76 B left (to date)? I'm brewing a 5...
  20. nosoup4me

    What Brunwater profile for a Czech Lager?

    Whoa! I never saw that option before! Awesome. So at 75% dilution in Mash Water and adding 1.3g of Gypsum and 1 g of Calcium Chloride (combined mineral additions) I'm getting this for my MASH water: Ca: 41 Mg: 2 Na: 10 SO4: 45 Cl: 45 And final water profile of after adding 50% dilution to...