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  1. nickhead


    How much sugar did you use for priming? Was the pack that came with the kit 3/4 of a cup or a whole cup? Wait another week and taste again. You can recap your beers to kill a little carbonation. I've gone as far as opening an over-carbed beer and hitting the side with a spoon (or whatever) to...
  2. nickhead

    Fermentation without bubbles

    how long has it been? Move it to secondary or bottle it (depending on how long it's been). Sounds like krausen instead of trub. you'll be fine.
  3. nickhead


    I use the same method as SteveM. Seems to work well, and saves a little time in the brew process.
  4. nickhead

    Cooling the Wort

    "If the wort is exposed to oxygen at temperatures above 80F, the beer will eventually develop wet cardboard or sherrylike flavors, depending on which compounds were oxidized. The oxidation of long-chain fatty acids produces 2-trans-nonenal, which tastes like cardboard and smells like old paper."...
  5. nickhead

    Easier Method to Get Juices from Grain? Grain "Press"?

    +1 million to not squeezing the grain bag. Let the sweet filtering husks do their work.
  6. nickhead

    Upslope Brewery - Boulder

    I wrote an obnoxious blog about Upslope here. I'm a big fan (drinking 1 right now) New Colorado Brewery - Upslope in Boulder, CO - iHomeBrew Beer Network
  7. nickhead

    Upslope Brewery - Boulder

    i've been drinking it steadily. Absolutely wonderful beer. Very ballsy. The IPA is 7.2%!
  8. nickhead

    Apfelwein as Newbie First Brew?

    i wouldn't do Apfelwein as a first batch. It is super easy to brew and tastes great, but you don't get the enjoyment of the whole brewing process with the boil and all that. And Apfelwein takes awhile to really get its flavor. So maybe brew this and a beer. It's quick.
  9. nickhead

    What is wrong? Two bad brews

    Yuri & dontman - does that mean that the equipment should be wet with Star San when you use it? otherwise I risk contact w/ new germs? Sorry for being off topic, but it's interesting and helpful. Thanks.
  10. nickhead

    What is wrong? Two bad brews

    The directions of star san say to let air dry. You are right about rinsing - the instructions exactly read "do not rinse after application". It still creeps me out, but less so after home brews.
  11. nickhead

    Wow, waiting helps!

    every beer I've made so far has improved in taste over time... the bogus flavors that I think are results of my inexperience seem to mellow over time (ie, I didn't strain my pellet hops in a chocolate brown ale, it was bitter as hell for 2 months, and now is absolutely delicious). I know they...
  12. nickhead

    What is wrong? Two bad brews

    Yea no-rinse creeps me out a little. I read on a star-san bottle that you actually HAVE to let it dry in order to sanitize appropriately - but that doesn't necessarily imply that you should or shouldn't rinse it after it's dried - right?. I dunno, chemicals in beverages seem weird (even though I...
  13. nickhead

    1st brew forgot hydro

    If you are lazy like myself, you can just let the beer sit in secondary to the point where there is no way it is still fermenting. Yea, I don't know the alcohol levels of my brews, but that's OK.
  14. nickhead

    Brewing with distilled water?

    +1 for R/O and distilled water being OK for extract brewing since the minerals are in the malt. R/O water is delicious.
  15. nickhead

    Mild carbonation formed in primary!??

    I left Ed Wort's Apfelwein in primary for about 1.5 - 2 months and when I bottled it, it already was slightly carbonated. What's that all about? Ever see that before? Should I be afraid of bottle-bombs?
  16. nickhead

    Do I have to use a Secondary?

    Hey Revvy - how long is too long in primary? You advise the longer the better - but can it be left for too long in your opinion (i know other people say yes, 3 weeks is too long, but what do you think?)?. I have a porter in primary for over a month now and Ed Wort's Apfelwien for maybe 2 months...
  17. nickhead

    My Home Brew Sucks

    'regional trouble shooters' - awesome idea
  18. nickhead

    Skanky Fruit in Primary - Should I remove it?

    i see i see - very helpful. Thanks guys.
  19. nickhead

    Official 2008 GABF Denver Oct 9-11 thread

    Guys - I should have posted this weeks ago, but for those of you unfamiliar with the CO beer situation, here's an awesome little pamphlet I randomly found laying around the office (of all places). I scanned it fairly large so you could actually read it. Hope this helps...
  20. nickhead

    Skanky Fruit in Primary - Should I remove it?

    ha - Torchiest, I'll let you know how it tastes, but I imagine you are right. One concern of mine (and the reason I didn't rack to 2ndary immediately) was that I didn't think it was done fermenting. I was afraid that if I racked i'd lose precious yeast and wouldn't get the alchohol content I...