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  1. cbg96

    Easy Labels to Remove!

    Red Hook is a snap compared to Pete's Wicked Ale. YMMV
  2. cbg96

    Death in the Desert 2008

    Okay, I'm coming to live in your backyard and making sure I'm in the back of your truck the next time you go. Toooooooooo fun.
  3. cbg96

    my first label

    Ver' nice indeed. Good job.
  4. cbg96

    Altbier Label

    THIS. Spiffy as usual, but it does have a certain graveyard quality.:D
  5. cbg96

    Agave Whisperer

    Very nice! Good stuff :D
  6. cbg96

    So... who's been laid off?

    Add to the pile. I got laid off a few years back, which was interesting as the employer would go on to completely shut down the office about a year and a half or two years later. Did my own thing for a while, which was okay, and about a year or so ago got a good spot doing work I'm really...
  7. cbg96

    D Train Brewery

    Me likey - nicely done.
  8. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    Quite possible indeed. Both teams are crappy, but I gotta admit, I think the Huskies are substantially better than WSU right now. The Cougs just don't have the players on either side of the ball. Yet. Side note: airlock had no activity for first twenty four hours, then started bubbling...
  9. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    The yeast got pitched tonight. I warmed it up to room temp, mixed it up, and in it went. All three of 'em. I figured why not as I only have one fermenter. I'm thinking I should know by tomorrow night (hopefully or Monday night latest if they're viable and doing their job.
  10. cbg96

    Christmas Surprise Label

    Very nice indeedy!
  11. cbg96

    Three Questions About Sanitization

    More THIS than I can rationally repeat.:rockin:
  12. cbg96

    Cheap Stock Pot

    I think mine's 20 quart, and was a cheapie ($16) from Target. No complaints so far.
  13. cbg96

    This is a fun forum!

  14. cbg96

    yet another first label attempt

    Nice - a winner!
  15. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    Like the South, the Cougs will rise again. Might be a while though. The roster is HEAVILY depleted and some major rebuilding needs to be done.
  16. cbg96

    Fortunato's Casque del Amontillado

    Like it overall, but my two cents says make the wall a lighter gray - it's real hard to distinguish out the text
  17. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    Next up, the actual beer - :rockin: The results of batch number one - the tasty, sneaky strong, but undercarbed IPA from the LHBS recipe... Now batch 2, the Mystery Hop Ale... And now, the family picture to show the difference in color (note I've been sipping off the Mystery Hop...
  18. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    Just thought I'd share...: First up, my clean yeasties. Let me show you them. Another look. This is from a Wyeast 1056 smack pack cake. More in a second... :D
  19. cbg96

    New American Wheat Tap Handle Label

    Real good - like the "bad dog, good beer" part :D
  20. cbg96

    Punpkin Ale

    Very nice :)