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  1. grace1760

    Revvy's dip tube

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread...but I'm interested in making one. Do you just get a drilled stopper that fits the inside of the bottling valve? So if the opening on the valve is 3/8", do I just use a 3/8" stopper? and where do you get the copper tubing? Can you just get a small length cut at...
  2. grace1760

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    + 5 gal kolsch + 5 gal ESB + 5 gal IPA + 5 gal Agave Wit = 21300
  3. grace1760

    Austin Home Brew Extract kits???

    I have this beer from AHS in primary as well. Plan on bottling in 1 week, condition for 3, then have at it. I did all extract, since I've yet to jump into the mini-mashes, but I'm anxious to try it. Just need to figure out my process first. :o
  4. grace1760

    lost stopper in carboy

    In the ancient wisdom of Homer Simpson..."Just smash it open!"
  5. grace1760

    Carbing Question...

    It's telling me to use 8.3 oz of corn sugar for a dunkelweizen (at 3.9 volumes) :confused: Is that right? Do you need extra strong bottles to carb that much so they don't all explode?
  6. grace1760

    Mini-mash beginner questions

    I noticed the AHS partial mash kits only include about 2-3.5 lbs. of grain...maybe I can get away with mashing in the 8 qt. pot after all (3.5 lbs * 1.25 quarts/lb = 1 gallon of water for the mash. If I wanted to calculate efficiency, do I do this before I add the DME? I don't have...
  7. grace1760

    Batch 2, help with my IPA recipe?

    In theory, if the 2-row were included, could you get some additional sugars from the specialty grains? But probably negligible?
  8. grace1760

    Mini-mash beginner questions

    Yes, that could work. When you do the sparge, will you pour the water over the grains into the 5 gallon pot, and then tea bag in the sparge water/wort? I'm trying to think through the specific steps before I attempt this...
  9. grace1760

    Mini-mash beginner questions

    I like these ideas. The drilled bucket is so that you don't have to use a bag? You just open the spigot after the mash is finished and drain into your brew kettle? If I took BryceL's method, I probably wouldn't want to use my fermentation bucket in case it got scratched in the process.
  10. grace1760

    Mini-mash beginner questions

    You mean via pre-heated just pour in a few cups of hot (190*)water to raise the temp? I'm not sure I follow you here. Should I be mashing 5-6 lbs. of grain in more than 2 gallons of water? I'm planning on doing 5 gallon batches.
  11. grace1760

    Mini-mash beginner questions

    I'm interested in making the switch from all extract to partial mash. I've read Deathbrewer's sticky several times. My questions are: 1) The pic below shows my two brew pots. One is a 40-qt. SS kettle, and the other is an 8-qt. SS pot. Can I do this with the equipment I have? If I wanted to...
  12. grace1760

    Need Help ASAP- Boiling on Stove Top

    Interesting, I didn't know this. This could be really helpful for late extract additions. I've been adding half up front, and half with 15 min left, but for a really light beer, I could do 100% at the 15 min mark. :rockin:
  13. grace1760

    Need Help ASAP- Boiling on Stove Top

    But you don't want to just boil the hops in water, do you?
  14. AgaveWithydrosample


  15. grace1760

    Spent grains pile stolen?

    Oh, I've heard about this!! My grandad used to tell me when I was a kid about the beer fairy. You should expect a couple cases of exquisite, tasty homebrew in 6-8 weeks.
  16. Brewkettles


  17. grace1760

    How long does LME last?

    They get me with the free shipping at $100 every time :rolleyes:
  18. grace1760

    Help meee

    You are describing a way to calculate ABV, which is determined by relative sugar content. If your gravity reading (generally taken about 3 weeks from brew date) doesn't change over 2-3 days, then you know the sugar content of your beer is not changing (i.e. the yeast are done feasting). At...
  19. grace1760

    Austin Home Brew Extract kits???

    I just had an email conversation with AHS last week, since I had the same questions, which I posted here.
  20. grace1760

    I want labels

    Also, there is a forum on HBT dedicated to labels: