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  1. zipster222

    i just saw the most expensive hop in history

    I think that Austin Homebrew was recently taken over by a much bigger profit-aggressive company
  2. zipster222

    DIY coolbot mini heater

    Most important are the parts that you happen to have around. The more watts the more energy you will consume over time. Half watt seems to work fine. Less might also work. More than 10 watts seems like a waste of power.
  3. zipster222

    DIY coolbot mini heater

    My electrical engineer brother solved this problem for me a couple of years ago. With a quick calculation using ohm's law, he handed me a resistor and said to hook it up to a 12volt power source (from some scrapped household appliance) to give about a half watt of heat. I wrapped the resistor...
  4. zipster222

    Russian Imperial Stout - Sudden Mold?

    Don't think it can be mold. All molds, as far as I know, need oxygen. If the fermenter is sealed with a functioning airlock, there should be no mold.
  5. zipster222

    Portland Oregon advice

    I highly recommend Roscoes on the east side for an eclectic collection of local brews, great ambience and probably the best bar food I that I've had. Also second the idea for a day trip to Pfriem in Hood River especially for their outstanding lagers.
  6. zipster222

    What level CO2 pressure inhibits yeast activity?

    I have a related question. Does CO2 pressure inhibit the aging process of aged beers (e.g., RIS and barleywine)? Is it OK to age in a keg at full carbonation? Should you reduce the carbonation during aging? Should aging be done in a secondary fermenter with no pressure?
  7. zipster222

    8 year old hops stored in the freezer

    I have Beersmith V2. "Hops age tool" is under the "tools" pull-down menu at the top and in the tools menu at the side. Tried it. Works great in that it's easy to use. Thanks day trppr!
  8. zipster222

    How much interest in doing Eastern Massachusetts group grain buy?

    I am interested in 2 or 3 sacks
  9. zipster222

    Boiling Chimney

    Would the Chimney be useful for venting steam outdoors when boiling on the kitchen stove?
  10. zipster222

    Oregon Local Portland Breweries

    Highly recommend Rosco's in east Portland for great collection of local brews and great food with fun atmosphere. You can check their continuously changing offerings at their live cam chalkboard at
  11. zipster222

    Selecting and Caring for pH Meters

    Most of my long adult life, I have worked in biochem and microbiology labs. We always used refillable pH probes. I had never heard of non-refillable probes until a couple of years ago when I started homebrewing. The refillable pH probes just need to be dumped out once in awhile, and the...
  12. zipster222

    Inkbird Father Day Giveaway

    I 'm in. Thanks.
  13. zipster222

    Fermcap - defoamers.

    My anecdotal experiences. I have been using FermCapS regularly for the past couple years. I typically ferment 5.25 gal in a 6 gal carboy (I know I should get a bigger fermenter). If I use a blow-off tube instead of FermCapS with a top-fermenting ale yeast, then I lose a lot of yeast out of the...
  14. zipster222

    What do they make in your town?

    Worcester Mass is the home of the smilely face and Wormtown Brewery.