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  1. Germelli1

    DC Area Group Buy #14

    Is this round still taking orders or should I post in the new thread?
  2. Germelli1

    removing labels made simple

    That is true if it is exposed to light. It will still make water "more slippery" and work to de-label, it just won't sanitize. YES! Oxyclean DOES sanitize. The chemistry side of it is that it forms hydrogen peroxide before it breaks down due to light. The same reason the H202 is sold in brown...
  3. Germelli1

    When are you most susceptible to infection??

    Also keep in mind that there was a reason the blow off tube...well...blew off! There is an vast amount of C02 produced in the beginning states of fermentation. That positive pressure in your carboy will push away anything that even gets close to your beer!
  4. Germelli1

    FG question

    You are very welcome! I honestly would taste it. I know warm, uncarbed, green beer is hard to interpret as to what the final product will taste like. But take your next gravity sample, stick it in the fridge for a few minutes, and take a swig. Hopefully you will be able to discern if it lacks...
  5. Germelli1

    Rye grain

    I LOVE rye in a Saison. Plus you can just throw stuff together and let the rye shine with the yeast!
  6. Germelli1

    FG question

    Your fermentation technique is very similar to mine! I was actually talking about adjusting the hydrometer reading for temperature. If the temp was above what your hydrometer was calibrated at, the reading will be lower than it really is. Malto-dextrines are unfermentable sugars (well up to...
  7. Germelli1

    Antique bench capper denting bottles, sticking

    Ah, got it! I will check mine when I get home and see what it has to offer. I don't ever remember a rubber grommet on mine and they don't dent (that I have noticed). But if it did, I would start by looking at the Grolsch bottle gaskets or like you said, a garden hose gasket.
  8. Germelli1

    removing labels made simple

    Ah ok! I was more worried about steam burns! I was hoping your method would also sterilize them, but I don't think they get enough time in the heat. I used oxy clean versatile free with the neon green lid. I mix it up and if it is warm, it will de-lable the bottles within minutes. I usually...
  9. Germelli1

    FG question

    Great Advice^ Did you adjust for the temperature of the beer? There is really not much you can do other than let the yeast finish...otherwise you are at risk of exploding bottles (unless you keg). If it was an extract recipe, it is almost impossible to miss gravities unless you severely messed...
  10. Germelli1

    Beer for the ladies

  11. Germelli1

    Gotta keep it quiet but im excited

    It just seems a bit like an immature grab for attention. Takes me back to the elementary days of "I know something you don't!" Best of luck with...erm...whatever it is!
  12. Germelli1

    Conditioning bottles with CO2

    Which does suck an (albeit negligible) amount of air back in. What I do to "purge" bottles when filling from a bottling wand is place the caps loosely on the bottles. Let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes before crimping the caps to allow the dissolved C02 from fermentation will come out of solution...
  13. Germelli1

    No bubbles in air lock

    Meh, don't worry about the leak. I ferment in a bucket using a lid from another so it just sits on top or a ceramic crock with a piece of hard plastic sheet over it.The yeast are constantly producing C02 so the positive pressure in the bucket will actually be keeping any airborne particles out...
  14. Germelli1

    removing labels made simple

    A much easier (and safer) method is to just mix up a bucket or oxyclean. Most labels just fall off in the solution, other you just have to peel off and some you have to scrape off.
  15. Germelli1

    Antique bench capper denting bottles, sticking

    I have 2 antique bench cappers. I have to admit I don't understand and can't picture what you mean by denting. But Mine almost always wind up with the bottle stuck in them. I usually just twist gently and it comes right out!
  16. Germelli1

    What to do with a pony keg?

    I love mine as a fermenter. Take the spear out, soak in oxyclean, sanitize, then ferment whatever you would like in it. I constantly have a 7.5 gallon batch of applewine going in mine! PS, the orange carboy caps fit them perfectly
  17. Germelli1

    Beer for the ladies

    1. The blatant sexism has already been addressed so I won't add to that 2. Why do some brewers always feel the need to brew specific recipes to please a very specific group of people? Just keep some blue moon, light lager or wine [coolers] around for the people that don't enjoy the styles of...
  18. Germelli1

    Gotta keep it quiet but im excited

    What an insanely relevant username
  19. Germelli1

    Bulk yeast?

    Why not just create your own by washing yeast cakes after fermentation? I would do this over bulk yeast for the sole purposes of sanitation and freshness. How would you plan to keep that bulk container sanitary after you remove the first batch worth?
  20. Germelli1

    One NASTY looking fermantation

    What? ^ I have never heard of oxygenated hop oils! Every Scottish or British liquid ale yeast I have used has looked very weird. The best way I can describe it is "cottage cheese"!