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  1. VistaPoint


    8000 ft. above sea-level. I need a home-brew!
  2. SedonaJeep


  3. Baby-GirlGraduation


    Off to college!
  4. GrandCanyon


    Wife thought I was going to die.
  5. Greatogre

    Belgian Blondes

    Here's a label I did for my wife and her sister. They are both blond (actually my wife looks like the one in the red dress). I copied old Varga prints from a web site. Williams is their maiden name. The beer was a Belgian Wit. I make most of my labels in Publisher and transfer them to a label...
  6. Greatogre

    Dayton Ohio, brewing beginner here!

    Welcome to brewing!! Another Dayton brewer here. Once you get going, take a trip to Listerman's in Cincinnati.
  7. Greatogre

    Dayton, Ohio

    Glad to know there's other Dayton folk here. Welcome to the homebrew life. The water er-wort is fine.
  8. Greatogre

    Hello from Dayton, Ohio

    Welcome - Dayton here too. Love the art - love the results.
  9. Belgian_Blondes


  10. Armageddon_Ale


  11. Greatogre

    SW Ohio Brewers?

    Hello form SW Ohio!! I have only been brewing for a few months but so far I love it. My first batch was a Belgian Double that just keeps getting better after 5 weeks in the bottle. I have a kit from Williams Brewing caled "Amarillo Ale" bottled that should be ready next week and a...
  12. Greatogre's Photos

    Greatogre's Photos