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  1. Stark

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Here I am! Count me in!
  2. Stark

    I'm baaack!

    Well, have been back for quite a bit now, but only in lurker mode. Took some time away from Brewing, but have comeback with a bit more gusto than previously, including picking up a Gig at the LHBS. So how have folks been? What is everyone currently Fermenting?
  3. Stark

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Sweet! Count me in! :rockin:
  4. Stark

    Best SWMBO in the world

    I'm calling Dibs on the Bike then. :D
  5. Stark

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    I'm on there now, username: Stark 6 posts so far, most likely more to come. Good Job on the site as well.
  6. Stark

    Counterflow Wort Chiller Build (and use)

    Love what you did man, but I have a question, why Copper instead of Stainless? Thinking Longevity and Sanitation might be drawbacks here. =/
  7. Stark

    Removing Labels From Bottles

    Have yet to use OxyClean, but some hot water and Power Brew Wash (PBW) does the trick perfectly. OxyClean will most likely be on the cheaper end, but I can only vouch for PBW. =)
  8. Stark

    20lbs CO2 Tank - How many Kegs?

    Well that is easy enough to remember. So the way my friends family and myself go through my brews, going to have to charge that puppy every month. LOL Thank you Bobby!
  9. Stark

    20lbs CO2 Tank - How many Kegs?

    Just a general curiousity. I am now the proud owner of a 20lbs co2 tank, which is a first in my rather fresh entry into Kegging my brews. I was pondering, if I am using 1.5-2 Atmosphere's to charge my 5 gal kegs, roughly, how many kegs could I go through before I can expect to take this guy down...
  10. Stark

    Bottling Tips for the Homebrewer

    Just my .22 cents.. Kegging is great for the Lazy Factor, but Bottling is perfect for the Transporting and Sharing factor. As Revvy said, much easier to sneak the HB in when it's in a bottle, although I know you can walk into a Las Vegas casino with the 5gal Keg in a Duffel bag and head straight...
  11. Stark

    morebeer contest

    Errm, the holiday Comp or the Signup Beer Space deal?
  12. Stark

    How to use Whirflock

    Funny, ran into an whirlflock problem today, actually, lack there of. Not stressing, but wondering if there were any ways to help clear the beer up once in the fermenter. I suppose a secondary, but curiosity has me in it's grips and wondering if there is anything to be gained from adding...
  13. Stark

    Label makers I need help

    That's Freaking awesome. Nice work there!
  14. dan


  15. Stark

    A Pub wants my brew

    Got all the information collected, started to go through the process and then the Economy jumped and bit the Owner right where it ain't right, and he sold the Pub before we could sit down and get things submitted (He was going to pick up all the fees for this year.) So, no selling just yet, a...
  16. Stark

    How much vanilla for a vanilla porter?

    Although I am still tinkering with my Vanilla Porter, people seemed to prefer when I use Real Extract as opposed to the 3 Beans as I have done previously. If your looking for a Strong taste of Vanilla, I would say 4-6 oz's. I would try 2 oz's in with your Secondary (why are you racking to a...
  17. Stark

    Sunset Wheat Clone

    Anyone given this a shot using Lager yeast?
  18. Stark

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    +20 since last post 9373.5
  19. Stark

    Never Ending Word Thread

    Jemima ...
  20. Stark

    Recirculating Ice Water Chiller

    Without even knowing of this Thread's existence, I ended up with the Same Pump, trying to accomplish the same thing. Were you able to get a garden hose connected from the pump to your chiller? This is what I am trying to re-work now. I used 1" (ID) tubing with a Brass reducer to 3/8". Leaks...