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  1. Harterrt

    Three Tier System - DC Area

    I am moving to the West Coast and I can't take my rig with me. It includes all the equipment you need to make the switch to 5 gallon all-grain. Includes: 10 gallon aluminum pot Propane turkey burner. Mash tun (converted Rubbermaid with a bazooka screen) Electric HLT The brew rack itself is...
  2. Harterrt

    bottling from a keg ?

    I tried this an seem to have foam in the line before it gets to the bottle. What do I do if I over carbonated the beer?
  3. Harterrt

    1st all grain-stuck mash?

    Kilted Brewer was right in saying that the holes in your pvc don't interact with your mash temperatures. If you had a stuck mash (the sweet wort stopped running out of your mash tun) then its probably the holes, the type of grain, and the crush of that grain, and not the temp. I'm having a...
  4. Harterrt

    All grain with minimal equipment? The Aussie's figured this method out about a year and a half ago and I adopted it to make the switch from extract to all grain. It does the job, and if you can get the grain run through the mill a few times for a finer crush I hear...