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  1. AGBrewer

    ALERT: Pliny the Elder in bottles!!!

    I would also love to try some Pliny, I would be happy to trade for some local beers, we do have some decent breweries in utah, or pay.
  2. AGBrewer

    Hows this welder for the DIY garage mech.

    For simple tasks welding with no gas is fine. But I guarantee if you ran that hobart with gas and without before buying you would get the gas. It makes for a much smoother weld, and if your just learning you will weld better faster. I used to have a small hobart that worked great for small...
  3. AGBrewer

    The demise of the hopstrocity...

    Damn, Glad to hear everyones ok.
  4. AGBrewer

    Massive Speed Wobble!

    If you didn't adjust your draglink or put on a lifted steering arm your pitman arm won't be center. So when you hit a bump the steering box is trying to find center again but center isn't straight ahead so it keeps looking back and forth. Did I make sense?
  5. AGBrewer

    wow - once they break the ground they really grow fast don't they ?

    A foot a week? My fuggle grows a foot a day when we get decent weather
  6. AGBrewer

    More beer "Economy All-Grain System"

    That is a waste. You can build a much better mlt out of a cooler, which will do much better on holding temperature.
  7. AGBrewer

    crapy dirt in Georgia

    I used on part peat moss, one part horse manure, one part miracle grow potting soil, and one part of the soil from my yard.(Very sandy) So far I haven't lost one plant out of about twenty.
  8. AGBrewer

    Freshops crowns

    Freshops is selling their 30yr old cascade crowns on their website now for $50.
  9. AGBrewer

    False Bottom Size

    Thats what I did at first, worked fine.
  10. AGBrewer

    Anyone above the 40th parallel... You are all killing your hop plants!

    I'm above the 40th and all of my 27 plants are growing, some of them booming. I'd like you to show me the ones that I'm killing
  11. AGBrewer

    Hops 101

    Sorry if I sound cross, but your comment is ridiculous. If you think this forum is ridiculous stay the hell out of it.:D
  12. AGBrewer

    2nd year fuggle

    Little update, weather has been on and off and it still growing well I trimmed back most of the smaller shoots and started to train it
  13. AGBrewer

    Something ATE IT >=(

    Time for an overnight stake out. Beer and a pellet gun.
  14. AGBrewer

    Pictures of your Hop Babies/Hop Photo Thread

    Just wait til they get a couple feet long and you can get them wrapped a couple times and they'll go the rest.
  15. AGBrewer

    When to plant in Michigan

    Put them in the ground already, If the soil is soft enough to dig you can plant them.
  16. AGBrewer

    2nd year fuggle

    Thought you first timers might like to see this. I have no green thumbs at all and I pulled this off. Planted around this time last year and cut down to the ground before winter.
  17. AGBrewer

    Question of Ethics during the Hop "Crisis"

    What a ******-bag, time for a cock punch me thinks:)
  18. AGBrewer

    Best Spacing for the hopyard ?

    Yeah six feet will definately do it. Each rhizome could grow to a huge plant, so there is no need to double them up. Your harvest will be minimal this year anyway.
  19. AGBrewer

    Beware of Hops Direct

    Good for you. All too often people don't stand up for themselves.
  20. AGBrewer

    30 year old cascade crowns for sale on ebay!

    I received my last order from freshops last week. 3 Jumbo crowns and they were just as big as the ones on ebay that are selling for over $100. I know, size isn't everything... Right?