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  1. vgentile

    Pumpkin Ale all grain

    I used canned pumpkin in 3 muslin grain sacks and the sparge wasn't too bad slower than normal but not stuck malt & fermentables % LB OZ MALT OR FERMENTABLE PPG °L 49% 9 8 American Two-row Pale 37 1 ~ 15% 3 0 Pumpkin, cooked 1 13 ~ 10% 2 0 Brown Sugar, Light 46 8 ~ 10% 2 0 American...
  2. vgentile

    looking for people in medina county area

    April 23rd! We are open for business at the first Label Peelers' brick and mortar location! Now get your supplies at our great online prices with the option to pick up at the store instead of paying shipping. You will notice a "pick up at store" option during check out. 137 East Ave...
  3. vgentile

    Witbier Austin Homebrew's Belgian White Beer

    This is the one I made its warm bottle aging now 13.30 lbs Belgian Pils info 0.22 lbs Oats Flaked info 0.31 lbs Wheat Flaked info 1.2 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker (Pellets, 4.5 %AA) boiled 60 min. info 1.10 oz. Orange Peel (dried) (last 5 minutes-sweet peel) (not included in calculations)...
  4. vgentile

    Cloudy and odd taste

    I'm not sure the Wyeast ever took off the smack pack did not swell, though I have wondered if 2 similar yeast could work at the same time and what the end result would be.
  5. vgentile

    Cloudy and odd taste

    Brewed a Belgian Blonde 3 weeks ago all grain 9lbs Pilsner 2lbs Aromatic and added .5lb of Pale Wheat malt, pitched WLP550, I have brewed this before and the only change was the .5lb of Pale Wheat. Last time it fermented in 7 days racked and cold crashed in the cellar for 3 days and bottled...