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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I discovered something delicious today. Maybe someone else has already tried this. I had leftover canned cranberry sauce, the jello-like kind, and put in in the blender with apfelwein. I don't have the ratio calculated yet, but if you've got leftover cranberry sauce, give it a try.
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    Confession Time - Crap Beer

    I actually prefer the low-quality beers to supposed high-class brews. PBR, Schlitz, Hamm's, Old Style. Although now that I live in Mississippi I can't find Hamm's or Old Style. Only a few places sell PBR and not in my beloved tall boys. On a good note, the local Kroger just started...
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    Post Your Best Drunk pics of you

    In New Orleans on St. Patrick's Day.
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    Is This Infected?--With Pic

    Already done. My second batch of apfelwein is fermenting right now. Also I tried one of the infected batch a few nights ago and it tasted alright. But some bad news. I opened one today and it foamed much more than it should have. Looks like I do have an infection. I put them all in the...
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    Is This Infected?--With Pic

    Thanks for all the replies. I added the hops after the wort was thoroughly cooled, not just as I took it off the heat. Also, it had this film in the fermenter. I just decided to bottle it for kicks. I bottled on Saturday, so its only been a few days. I tried some of the wort, and it...
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    Is This Infected?--With Pic

    My guess is....yes. I gave up brewing for a few years. This is my third batch since resuming the hobby. I even know what I did. I was brewing a kit that had two separate packets of hops. I forgot to add the final bag before the end of the boil, so I just tossed it in as I was cooling...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I'm going to bottle my first batch today. +5g = 6936