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    Big Beer/ Long aging

    So my Honey Oat stout is doing great. It had a SG of 1.070 and I racked it to a secondary today after almost 4 weeks the gravity was astonishingly 1.015!! So my original plan was to leave it in the secondary for a month then let it set in bottles for a month. Does anything really magical...
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    Bottling Bucket

    if there is no lid on the bucket you risk infection, also when you siphon beer onto your priming sugar placed on the bottom of the bottling bucket mixes it up really nice without disturbing the beer too much. Also one day wont do a lot to clear up the beer. Just be careful when carrying the...
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    Oat stout w/ irish yeast on windsor yeast cake

    Ok, so I bottled my oktoberfest tonight and I have a decent windsor yeast cake at the bottle of my secondary. My oatmeal stout has been in the primary for 2 weeks. It is a higher gravity beer 1.070 SG, so would it be okay and beneficial to siphon my stout on this yeast cake now or just let it...
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    Hydrometer - I think I get it... but why?

    I wish there was an internal and digital hydrometer. You waste a 1/3 of a beer every time you take a hydro reading so if you take 4-5 hydo readings, that's... well... you do the math.
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    SG high, alcohol low

    you don't want to introduce O2 into the beer or aerate it too much. Just give it a gentle swirl with a spoon, just enough to get the yeast back in suspension. Don't disturb the beer too greatly though.
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    Do I need to do a starter if I am using a wyeast smack pack

    How low did your stout go to? I'm doing one now with relatively the same SG so I'd hope I could get lower than .031.
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    Ale FG stopped at 1025

    I was kinda mad. My German Oktoberfest has been in a primary for 2 weeks and in a secondary for 2 weeks on Tuesday. I was gonna bottle today but lone behold, my beer started fermenting again as there is a build up of krausen. While it's nice to see it fermenting again because the FG was .020...
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    Poll: How do you determine how long in secondary?

    Until I get some free time to bottle, which is usually about 2-3 weeks
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    Recipe Recommendation

    +1 to Revvy's recipe. I brewed something very similar for my first batch and at 4 weeks it is the best homebrew I've ever tasted! However, I only tasted one homebrew. :cross: but it's very good once it is bottle conditioned.
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    Drinking my first home brew

    It also sounds like your a little cool in the basement. They ideally should be stored at 70 or a shade above. It's true though, it's amazing what bottle conditioning will do.
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    Yeast starter questions

    I'm having similar problems, I don't have a stir plate and i made a starter with a qt of water and cup of DME with yeast booster. Pitched the wet yeast after it got to room temp and it is now 6 hours in and zero krausen or bubbling of airlock. I'm storing it in my 6.5 gal carboy or oxidation...
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    Newbie questions about equipment

    I personally would go with one that has a hole for an airlock. Although, if you have a drill you can drill one yourself.
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    Observations from a "D+" grade 1st attempt

    plus, my question to you is have you drank a lot of ales before? Since I hadn't ever had an ale, I was kind of taken back when I first tried mine as well and thought it was absolutely disgusting, undrinkably disgusting but sure enough with bottle time and getting used to the flavor it is now...
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    Wort on top of star san

    It actually needs to be wet in order to ensure it is still sanitized, it is what is called a "wet sanitizer."
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    very bad brew day

    or put a towel underneath the area where you're gonna put your carboy to give a little cushioning. Sorry though, that sucks.
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    Carbonation question

    or use carbing tablets. I'm gonna give them a whirl in about 2 weeks.
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    Make a starter in a primary?

    do you decant the liquid and leave the yeast behind or do you just dump wort on top of the liquid as well as the yeast?
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    Make a starter in a primary?

    The predicted SG is 1.090
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    Make a starter in a primary?

    Well, I think I'm gonna give her a whirl. Do I have to decant the starter so I just have yeast or can I just leave that in there?
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    Make a starter in a primary?

    Well, the oxygen shouldn't be the problem should it? The fermentation of the beer will do more than enough to get the oxygen out but yes, this would allow adequate oxidation to the yeast. I think it would work.