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  1. J

    How's my water?

    Interesting. Thanks for the insight.
  2. J

    How's my water?

    Thank you so much.
  3. J

    How's my water?

    After several years of all-grain brewing, I've finally gotten comfortable enough with my process that I'd like to start shifting my focus to some other details, like water chemistry (if necessary). My favorite beers to brew are IPAs DIPAs Saisons Stouts Wheat beers and I might start brewing...
  4. J

    Gravity problems

    Please do share. Thanks!
  5. J

    Utility sink ideas.

    What was your delivery experience like with the webstaurantstore? Did you need to unload it yourself?
  6. J

    SHOW OFF: Basement Brewery cleaning sinks

    Awesome! What's the Phish looking sticker say on it? MSG? Some brewery name?
  7. J

    Maryland Maryland brewers?

    Havre de Grace (also Harford county ) here
  8. J

    Amount of fruit to add to the secondary?

    Thanks for all the info! I may stop by to checkout the brew club; thanks for the invite. I agree about Tropicannon. I had a bunch this past weekend, and it started to remind me of orange flavored cough syrup.
  9. J

    Amount of fruit to add to the secondary?

    It's an American IPA. I got the idea from a couple local breweries that make Mango IPAs and Grapefruit IPAs. I added pasteurized squeezed orange juice to my secondary for a Saison last year and it was excellent. Actually, if you're in Pasadena, you definitely know Heavy Seas - Tropicannon. I...
  10. J

    Amount of fruit to add to the secondary?

    I'm thinking about adding about two pounds of fruit to my secondary (Mango, orange, or grapefruit). I'd like to either juice or puree and pasteurize the fruit. My question is if my recipe calls for 2LBs of fruit, do I only get 2 pounds of oranges from the store? Should I get more to account...
  11. J

    Scrub Master 3000 Version 2.0

    Sometimes I use a diluted bleach solution to sanitize buckets and carboys. Would that damage the pump? Could I just flush it with plain water afterwards to prevent damage?
  12. J

    Scaling from 5gal to 10gal all grain batch

    I've only ever brewed 5 gallon all grain batches, but I would like to try to scale up to 10 gallons soon. I plan to do so by just using Beersmith to scale an existing 5 gallon recipe. I would like to know if there are any 'gotchas', in the transition. My brew kettle is a 1/2 barrel sankey...
  13. J

    Stout with weak fermentation

    I mashed at around 157-158 degrees. The only unusual thing I dropped in the recipe was a small bag of paradise seeds, but I don't think that would be the issue. I used White Labs WLP060 American Ale Yeast the first time around. Thanks for the help!
  14. J

    Stout with weak fermentation

    I'll give this a shot. Thanks very much for the advice.
  15. J

    Stout with weak fermentation

    Hi, A few weeks ago I pitched some liquid yeast into a batch of stout. I took a gravity reading with a "calibrated" refractometer, which read around 1.067. I used a small blowoff tube, which didn't appear to show any sign of a vigorous fermentation. After about a week, I still didn't see...
  16. J

    Maryland 15 gallon thermoelectrically cooled conical project

    How much without the temperature control parts? I can pick up.
  17. J

    JBrew's Computer + Arduino Controlled Mashing System

    I have been getting a few requests for schematics, so I made some rough ones before I draw them in some kind of program. PM me or reply in the thread if you have questions.
  18. J

    JBrew's Computer + Arduino Controlled Mashing System

    I'm using a 2000Watt heating element: It's the most power I could find in 120V. I will post some rough schematics and then post some better ones when I get time. Thanks for your comments.
  19. J

    JBrew's Computer + Arduino Controlled Mashing System

    I've been getting several requests for the GUI code, so I made it available here on git hub: Let me know if there are problems getting the code. I ran this GUI on an Ubuntu laptop, and I didn't use very good technique as far as the layout...