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    Please help me move to all grain

    Lastly, try to remember people have been doing this for like 10,000 years. Don't overthink it! It's not rocket science and if you're off by a little it's still going to be beer. Relax and yada yada yada
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    Drinking my first beer!!

    Nicely done.Congrats on starting the greatest hobby in the world.:D
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    Priming sugar to kick up the ABV?

    You can use corn sugar (priming sugar), table sugar or my favorite...Brown sugar and they will all boost abv and dry out your brew.Also, molasses or honey if you want a little residual sweetness.
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    Cheapest Way To Make Cider

    Also you can sometimes find carboys at garage sales and more often you can get 1 gallon glass jugs.Look around.Oh and also,use a better yeast:)
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    Cheapest Way To Make Cider

    Also you can sometimes find carboys at garage sales and more often you can get 1 gallon glass jugs.Look around.Oh and also,use a better yeast:)
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    Rookie mistake/smell.

    you don't need a 1 inch blowoff. I always do 10 gallon batches and I always use 1/2 inch tubing even at warmer fermentation temps. I don't use airlocks anymore. I usually pitch onto a cake and I don't want to be bothered with checking on my fermentor. Leave it alone for two weeks and bottle it...
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    Wheat beer, general thoughts?

    I do some wheats because it's like 12 bucks for a 50 pound sack here in Kansas. I like the taste and I don't mind doing a protein rest.By the way,I use it raw,not malted.Does that make me weird?I get efficiencies in the low 80's. :rockin: (Edit) I use barley too.I only use 5 pounds or so of...
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    No Sprage Brewing - Do you have to mash with ALL the water?

    I always mash as thin as I can.I feel it's more efficient.I'll go as far as my mash tun will take me!
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    All Grain or the Highway?

    Mash between 145 and 155 higher for sweet, lower for dry.Generally one hour is enough,but,lower should be longer.If you want to be sure , use iodine to test for conversion.Google it. Don't try multi step infusions until you're confident with single infusions.And always remember,no matter...
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    All Grain or the Highway?

    I'm not sure how your brew day goes,but,if I do a single infusion batch sparge 10 gallon,20 pound grain bill basic brew,I get through it in about 4.5 hrs.I mill with a drill driven corona mill while I heat strike water(all electric).Then mash for an hour. Sparge generally goes 30 minutes and...
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    First all-grain yee-haw!

    My chiller is only 25 feet of 3/8 copper but it really gets the temp down quickly. I've made a prechiller for next summer though because when the groundwater is warmer it makes a huge difference.
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    First Batch!

    Congrats. I've yet to have an error free brewday. It's usually something akin to a classic slapstick comedy :D
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    What should I do??

    Good call on the urinal.I wish I had one.Where do you buy one?
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    what do you use to take gravity samples?

    I got a nice graduated cylinder from a science/hobby shop that does nicely($5.00) it's plastic and I don't need the graduations. But I can pretend I'm a scientist.(I getting a flask next:D)
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    any regrets going electric?

    I started with electric because I knew I was going to brew in my basement and felt it was the only safe way. But I will say it's really convenient.I can set my HLT temp for 170 and go mill my grain while it gets up to temp. Also,I don't feel rushed because it will hold whatever temp I tell it to...
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    I'd definitely go with the beer drinking option ;)
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    Opinions on my SMaSH

    Well, since you already know the hops,I suggest underhopping it so you can truly get an appreciation of the MO;) Edit:I just did a Munich/Columbus smash and I only gave it about 7 ibus so I could get a handle on the malt taste.
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    how much can you shake the yeast?

    I always keep a pack of EC-1118 for stuck ferments.It might change the taste a little(I think), but it always works for me.
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    Campden Dissipating?

    I use Campdens for chloramine removal.My understanding is that it dissipates in 24 hours.
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    Beers are coming out "thin".

    Have you tried adding some oats? I almost always put some in for head retention and especially body(mouth feel)