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    Win a Brand New JaDeD Brewing Hydra Wort Chiller from BrewSwag

    Right on. Thanks for putting this out there! I'm in. Nice looking design.
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    Surly Darkness Style RIS Recipe, Looking for Feedback

    You're the man shilinshuai. Thanks for sharing that. Definitely going to do this and also use the partigyle technique. I'm going to need a second carboy. Cheers!
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    First brew in over 3 years

    Good news. I'm in the same boat with you. No brews in years and now relocated to a new house with space for all of the equipment. Just completed an AG west-coast IPA four days ago and am now planning the next brew. Cheers to you! Black IPA? How do you boys on the green isle like to make...
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    Surly Darkness Style RIS Recipe, Looking for Feedback

    Hey All, After a 2 year hiatus from brewing and a move from So Cal to Minneapolis, I'm brewing again. My first foray was a simple all-Amarillo IPA which has been fermenting about 5 days. I'm already planning the next brew and luckily for me, I have a really cool neighbor who brought over a...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I'm in! :rockin:
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    Armadillo IPA

    New recipe in the "hopper" for this weekend. I have a surplus of Amarillo hops which I have been using for pale ales. I'm ready to get more aggressive so I pumped up the grain bill and hop schedule. More to follow and comments are always welcome. Thx. Recipe Specifications...
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    Band-Aid Ale

    Go figure, I have chilled the carboy and have been serving out of my fridge to the world and no one including me has noticed a flavor issue. Looks like I need to chill-out. Moving S-05 back up near the top of my dry yeast list.
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    Band-Aid Ale

    I brewed a simple pale ale on 7/23 and had some a similar result. I pitched S-05 at about 70F. The 6.5G carboy was cleaned with StarSan and inverted for 40 min prior to running in the wort. Shook the carboy for 10 min prior to pitching. Vigorous fermentation achieved within 24hrs. Usual...
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    Bacon Stout. Please help.

    A suggestion for the bacon. If you have a Trader Joe's or other store that carries this, try the apple-smoked bacon premium thick-sliced stuff. There are typically cured and uncured varieties as well.
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    Dual coil chiller

    rgray58 that makes sense. Besides, who can have a problem with bringing wort temps down to 80 in 6 minutes? better than me. I have a traditional immersion chiller that gets me to 100 quick but beyond that, it is tough. Currently, my ground water temp is in the mid 70's. Next up, build a...
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    Dual coil chiller

    I think you are right that would be more efficient. But question, wouldn't the water pressure coming from the hose plus the resistance of the water already in the coil that is in the T-straight across from the source force enough water down the 90 degree turn? My guess would be that if you...
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    Hello from St. Louis

    Of course. Welcome to HBT Billy. I appreciated a warm welcome when I joined myself and extend the same to you. I will most certainly see much of what you are looking to know just by searching the threads here. If you don't, there a many people who will respond to your posts. Cheers!
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    English Rye Stout

    This was my first all-grain a couple of years ago and is what really gave me the HB bug. Single infusion mash at 150F for 75 min. Mash out at 170 for 20 min. Boild 60 min and follow hop schedule. I was trying to focus on a clean finishing beer and give the rye a chance to shine...
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    Weldless Spigot for Kettle

    FYI: A better fitting washer was the ticket. I got the weldless fitting to seal and just wrapped up a brew session with no leaks. They do work if you can find right combination of parts!
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    MLT cooler conversion with crushproof braid

    Great idea nostalgia and a good thread for me to subscribe to *Done* so that I can come back to it. I just went through a stuck mash experience that added an hour + to my brewing time. I think my perhaps overused braid from a plumbing line flattened out and made life suck. SWMBO just got new...
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    Weldless Spigot for Kettle

    +1 on goofing around with it. I've been monkeying around with mine for days and the best I can do is a very slow drip. I am talking about the weldless bulkhead setup on a brew kettle by the way...