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    Grew Mt Hood and Cascade together. What now?

    Mt Hood can be floral, cascade citrusy, I would make a summer ale type thing. Something like 6lbs pilsener, 3lbs munich, mash low for fermentability, add all of the hops after the boil and let them steep for half an hour. Hows that sound?
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    Mt Hood hops stunted growth

    The rhizome does not die. It will go into dormancy till next year and that is when you can expect some hops. As for buying new rhizomes, only if you want new verieties ;)
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    Major BRY-97 Lag

    It always takes longer for this yeast to work for me, the only time it took over 48 hours was when i rehydrated it. My theory is that it gets bad temperature shock from going to a coolish fermenter from a warmish rehydrating dish.
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    Hops and Deer problems?

    My experience with deer is that they love young sprouts and young leaves. The only way to deter them at my house is with chicken wire cages.
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    Broken Vine

    I personally would just leave it and let the root grow nice and strog for the coming years.
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    Broken Vine

    That is what they do when the main bine breaks, the two offshoots are now two new main bines, congrats!
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    Hops in Snow

    No, i live out river road past the fairgrounds. Im only a few hundred feet above the river but we usually hold out our cold weather longer than in town. I certainly wouldnt say its god awful ;)
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    Hops in Snow

    Well they have several places to drink now, but i get your point. And yes plains is in its own little banana belt as i like to say, but we still have some dramatic weather shifs, especially at the higher elevation where i live (but still not nearly as bad as you guys in the east). Still proves...
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    Hops in Snow

    Yes sir! What type of work would you need?
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    Hops in Snow

    Oh, and i see you are propagating your own hop verieties. If you want someone to grow a rhizome in the plains area you know who to call ;)
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    Hops in Snow

    Haha, yeah.
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    Hops in Snow

    Not too far from whitefish. Between whitefish and coeur d lane
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    Hops in Snow

    Plains area.
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    Hops in Snow

    I have yet to see the montana weather do any damage to my plants in the 4 years ive been growing, they are some tough buggers!
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    Slow Centennial Growth? Pics Inside

    +1 on what halifax said. Every year i have a little pannic because my centennials sprout and start growing later and slower than the rest.
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    first year hop bine troubles

    I wouldnt trim any first year bines. The only times I have had withered dry leafs was necause of over fertilization, or because of umder watering. If it was me I'd just let them be. The first year is about creating strong healthy roots. How did you plant them/fertilize them?
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    Is this my hops sprouting?

    My 4th year nuggets are almost black!
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    Wyeast 3739 Flanders Golden Ale

    I did notice that this one was an isoamyl acetate bomb. Trust me it won't last, just let it condition properly and you'll be fine.
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    100% NC pale ale

    Thank you for the post sir! Please keep us updated.
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    2013 hops harvest

    Please do, I would like to read the whole story with your experience and tips.