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    My new Brewery and Alehouse-Shed (Brewing Porn )

    That's fantastic!!! We're working on a room ourselves, but it's not going to be near that fancy! Great job!!!
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    Custom Bottle Caps?

    Hi! I noticed you mentioned Crafty Caps - I just thought I'd let you know that we did order some from them a while back. They are adhesive labels/stickers, but they are sealed so well, they looked great for our party. We ordered some that had a black background, and ordered black caps with...
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    Custom bottle caps?

    Yeah, at first I had some trouble because I had been soaking my caps and I asked them about this before ordering. They suggested their "recommended" procedure, which does take some time to do - The flipping them over and spraying the bottoms. At first I tried the soaking them, and they were...
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    Custom bottle caps?

    I order mine from Crafty Caps. They're pretty good quality and there's no minimum order. Good Luck!