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    Wine/bev fridge for 7 gal SS Brew Bucket

    Thanks. Going with the 4.4 Magic Chef Freezerless fridge. Cant wait start brewing again.
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    Wine/bev fridge for 7 gal SS Brew Bucket

    My fermentation fridge (Full top freezer/bottom fridge) gave up this summer. Got it for free 10+ years ago and got good use out of it. Anyone know of any wine/beverage fridges that would work? I just use my SS brew tech 7 gallon bucket. Would like to use something more compact now for space...
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    Is my element toast?

    So dry firing may take some of the "burn" off?
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    Is my element toast?

    I have an ebiab single vessel system. Brewed an IPA and decided to use my grain basket as a hop filter for the whirlpool hops. I added the basket with 5 minutes left to sanitize. Once temp got to 180 threw about 3.5 oz of hops. Decided it was a good idea to keep the element on to keep the temp...
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    ebiab Cleaning time savers???

    I brew one single vessel with pump and a basket. I love the ease of brewing this way but seems clean up is way longer than cooler and kettle brewing I used to use.. Any one else? Just checking if there are any other methods to shorten clean up. Seems like clean up takes the same time as...
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    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    Lets the yeast consume the complex sugars first then move to simple sugars. I do this if I am adding more than 1lb sugar to a batch.
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    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    I think on my next try I will up the whirlpool and dry hop by an oz or so.
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    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    So I did this recipe and per recommendation of Boulevard posted in prior responses used Ardens yeast. Wyeast 3522. This is the yeast to use in my opinion. This is my 2nd try and it is 90% tank 7. I think I just need to increase the late hops/dry hops a bit more...Prior I used 3711 french and...
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    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    Can someone convert this hopping schedule to oz or grams and times for the 70 min boil for a 5 gallon batch? Thanks Hops Magnum - 6 IBU at 98 C Simcoe - 5 IBU at 15 After beginning of boil Amarillo - 15.7 IBU at 5 Before end of boil Amarillo - 10.7 IBU in the whirlpool
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    Chudnow regulator dissasembly

    I need to rebuild my regulators. They have about 5 years on them. I have bad co2 creep problem. Bought a rebuild kit. I'm having hard time trying to separate the plastic from the metal. Any tips or instructions out there on how to rebuild? They are chudnow brand from keg connection...
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    Tasmanian IPA

    WOW!!! OG 1.064 FG 1.009 This is a great beer. Side by side mine is lighter in color (diff base grain?) but taste is right on! Great beer. Going to do another SMASH but with Falconers Flight. Best brew I have made Changed recipe last min. did 2 oz at flame out. Used a new technique of...
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    Tasmanian IPA

    I'm making this today. Here is my version. 12 pounds two row .4 oz Acidualated (bring down mash PH) Mash at 150 F for 60 minutes 60 min Boil 1 lb sugar 2.2 oz Galaxy @ 20 Min (Hop burst method) 1oz Galaxy at flame out American ale II and will ferment at 62 F 2oz Galaxy dry...
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    Sweet Stout: Ready to Keg? How much does Lactose effect FG?

    thanks for the responses. I'll give it another week in the fermentor and keg next week. I thought lactose would add points but didn't know how much. The sample tasted good. Another week shouldn't hurt. As always HBT rocks!
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    Sweet Stout: Ready to Keg? How much does Lactose effect FG?

    I brewed the NB sweet stout on 12/4 was going to keg on 12/26 but gravity reading was 1.030 so I stirred the yeast up and let it go another week. I understand that ESB ale yeast likes to quit early. Today I am ready to keg again but gravity reading was 1.022. Again I stir up the yeast to get...
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    Original Gravity - Belgian Dubbel

    Did you mix your top off water with the cooled wort? You need to mix it up. After you do you should have a closer reading to what the recipe states
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    another burner question

    I have the bayou sp10 which is 1st on your list. I have no complaints and recommend it. Also you can get it for $10 cheaper on amazon.
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    Does the 30 PSI over 48 hours carb method waste more gas?

    So my first CO2 tank which is 5lb kicked over the weekend. It so far has last 4 kegs of carbing and serving. Still have about a gallon or less left on keg 3 & 4. I have read that a 5lb tank should last more than 4 kegs usually around 7-10. I have a two regulator kit and my method is to carb...
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    Picnic tap issue, new to kegging

    Thank you search function. Had this issue tonight! Got new keezer and one tap was fine the other spewing beer out once I hooked the liquid quick disconnect. Thought my beer was overcarbed so I re-pressurized etc.. Just a quick fix and all I did is tighten the top of the picnic tap. All is well...
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    Ferment at 62-64. That's my preference to get the great balance between clove and banana flavor. That is if you used a Hefe yeast.