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    Maryland Turnkey 10 gallon all grain system for sale

    I need my garage space back. I'll go $750 for the whole setup, also I keep forgetting all the stuff I have. I'm now adding in a #20 co2 tank, 2-3 corny kegs (pepsi), kegs probably need o-ring kits and a micromatic dual regulator. It needs a new tank gauage but otherwise works great.
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    Maryland Turnkey 10 gallon all grain system for sale

    Brands are non existent on the extras, just some odds and ends I collected over the years. A 5 gallon, and a 12-15 gallon. Forgot to mention the used laboratory stir plate and stir bar and vessel.
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    Maryland Turnkey 10 gallon all grain system for sale

    I'm selling my complete all grain system, the whole thing! Even items not in the picture are included. Asking $750, I will NOT piece it out unless I can't sell it for a while. I've brewed some really good beer on this system, she make not look like much but she's got it where it counts. I'm in...
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    Homebrew Club Membership Software

    I'm wondering what software other clubs use to track their memberships? When I took over as membership coordinator for my club I was given a decade old Access database that worked but had been modified by many different people and it had gotten to the point that to get from A to B involved a...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Count me in!
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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Count me in please.
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    Next Step in Evolution? Kegs? 10 Gal? All Grain?

    Before you buy any equipment ask yourself a very important question. Do I ever want to do 10 gallon batches? If Yes then save yourself money and buy all your future equipment with that in mind, so a 15 gallon kettle. If No then enjoy the 10 gallon kettle... until you change your mind and want...
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    Broken keezer as ice cooled fermentation chamber?

    So I have a 7 cu ft keezer with collar and temp controller that decided to die on me after I let it sit unplugged for several months, I'm assuming it's a Freon leak. I was thinking about using it as a fermentation chamber and using Ice or freezer packs to control the temperature. I have a...
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    Freezer to Fermentation Chamber Help

    I use my chest freezer as fermentation and serving vessel. I put a collar on it and it works fine to chill even on the hump. One piece of advice, put hinges on the front wood panel of the collar so you dont have to lift your carboys and kegs the extra six inches above the wood.
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    need help single pump build

    What you are saying would work but you will likely find it more difficult to pump wort out of your mashtun than you would to pump hot water or to pump wort out of your boil kettle. I had a 10 gallon Igloo mashtun and found out that my 3/8" output works fine for gravity but would not work with a...
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    MD Brewday - Summer Meetup Planning

    Urbana could be an option, I can host depending on the day.
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    MD Brewday - Summer Meetup Planning

    Usually enough of us show up that if you forget something it's no big deal and some thing we share anyway. Joppa or Takoma Park is the big question? Should we just decide or wait for Stefin and Mike to volunteer :D.
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    electric brew rig in De/PA/MD for sale

    davefj40, Where is fairhill in MD? I'd like to see the rig in person if possible. I'm in Frederick for reference.
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    electric brew rig in De/PA/MD for sale

    Is this a RIMS or HERMS setup? Im definitely interested. Everything is new except for testing? the brew rig i mean, not the kegs and other stuff.
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    Rims Tube

    What element do you have in it, the 1500watt 120v? I'm interested and I think it would be local pickup as well.
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    MD/DC grain

    Stefin, If your going to be in Frederick Sunday for the comp do you want to drop anything off at my house? Urbana might be easier for someone to pickup from than your place.
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    MD/DC grain

    I'm not sure the next time I'll be over to Clap's house. I would say it's not available for now but I'll post if plans change.
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    MD/DC grain

    2 row, Marris Otter, wheat or Pilsner. If your just starting AG, use 2 row its the most common.
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    MD/DC grain

    Frederick delivery is available on this shipment as well. You should still provide samples for Clap though, he does all the work. You still pay him like always but you can pick up from my house in Frederick. Notify him if you want to use this option.
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    parts list for Force Carb Liter Bottles...

    Take it to the next step, dispense from the bottles as well. I built one (slightly different design) and ended up with a very slow leak after I start dispensing. So it works well but not for long term storage.