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    Questions: F.G. and Settling of Celis White Clone

    I have a celis white clone (5gal) to which I added approximately 1.5 cups of juice from crushed berries before putting in primary. Q1) I assume that the addition of fruit juice would lower the expected F.G below just the celis recipe (1.011), but how low before I bottle? Q2) I know...
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    Santa List: Expert Advice on Conical or Chiller?

    haha, i'll ask, thanks all
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    Santa List: Expert Advice on Conical or Chiller?

    So my mom is asking what to get me for Xmas, and I thought either a conical fermenter or a wort chiller (depending on how much she will spend) Any experts want to weigh in on Plastic versus Steel for the conical, how easy it is to use, or steel versus copper for a chiller. I am trying to...
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    Statute of Limitations on Homebrew

    Assuming that you sterilize properly, have proper alc and hops, etc. How long can you let bottled beer sit around. I can only assume that at some point beer begins to degrade, and likely long before commercial brews.
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    Its not a Pumkin Ale....its Cran-Acorn-Squash Beer

    Inspired by the taste of a good pumpkin spiced ale, I decided on a highly expiramental brew. My family loves to stew brown sugar, butter, and cranberries, then place in halves of acorn-squash (similar to pumpkin) and bake. Trust me its delicious... So I thought why not make a beer... I...
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    If I got an innacurate OG

    wow, thanks for the responses, I do not have a scale, but I will try boiling and adding water. To the question about topping off with water, yes I did, so I think that may be why the OG was low. On the other hand, I was definately having a lot of difficulty getting all of the grain to soak...
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    If I got an innacurate OG

    Made a Barley Wine, but OG read at 1.060 which is very low for that type of "beer?" Due to the fact that it was my first all grain, and I slipped up acouple of times in the sparging process, I do not know if that was accurate or not. I may not have pulled out enough sugar. Question: Is...
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    Should I Rack a Barley Wine to 2ndary if fermentation restarted after two weeks?

    started at 1.095, have not remeasured, but am aiming for around 1.015 as the final
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    Should I Rack a Barley Wine to 2ndary if fermentation restarted after two weeks?

    Hello, I brewed and racked to primary a Barley Wine 3 weeks ago. Active fermentation bubbles in the airlock lasted from hours 12 to three days. No activity from that point on till two days ago when the temp in the room spiked to 75*F (think this reactivated the yeast). It is now...
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    Special Edition Barleywine

    know this is an old post, but out of curiosity any good partial mash or extract Barley Wines, I have tried to do full grain but do not have the volume pot I need for the steep/sparge
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    Help: Oatmeal Stout, OG way too high?

    1.066 is close to the expected S.G. we shall see. Temp finally dropped in the room to 70*F and is still fermenting, however it was in the upper 70's for at least 24 hours of fermentation. I hope that it turns out, thanks for the replies!
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    Help: Oatmeal Stout, OG way too high?

    excuse me, i did have 1 gallon with an air stone in the fermenter, and then added approx. .3-.5 gallons on top of the wort before fermenting, there is probably approximately 5.5 gallons in the fermenter now. So you think I probably got an innacurate reading? And if so what would you assume...
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    Help: Oatmeal Stout, OG way too high?

    Okay, here is the recipe Steep: .5# pale 2 row .5# roast barley .5# choc malt .5# black patent malt 1# flaked oats .5# brit crystal 20 .25# brit crystal 110 Boil: 7# Light LME Bullion 1oz 60 min...
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    Help: Oatmeal Stout, OG way too high?

    Just finished brewing Oatmeal Stout last night by following another recipe, called for an OG of 1.070. Mine finished out at 80*F as 1.108. I dont know how to explain this other than it being a partial grain mash and I could have sparged well? I feel like if I let the Irish ALe yeast I...
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    damn this sounds good !!!

    from what I have been reading, a sour stout can be made using rotten guinness beer, I also thought that lactose was alternative to the sour beer. FYI by taking 24oz of guinness and leaving out in a bowl covered in ceran wrap for 2 weeks and then pithching into the bottling bucket, one getts...
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    Guinness Extra Stout Clone?

    thanks for the reply, any idea how much priming sugar for that sort of beer?
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    Mint Beer?

    To the person who wanted to add a piney taste.... You can add juniper leaves or berries or young tips off of spruce tree buds
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    Green beer question

    This is sort of an offshoot but it seems like this thread may be able to answer my question... Brewed a malt and apple beer (im a NEWB) which has a weird Plastic? aftertaste and I think gives me a slight headache (although that could have been placebo effect) Sounds kinda like this whole...
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    Guinness Extra Stout Clone?

    So I have been researching clone recipes for Guinness Extra Stout, and obviously many of them call for the use of Nitrogen in bottling to give the head the typical guiness head. How hard is this, how is this done? with a tap? I heard something about a Nitrogen plate which I know nothing...
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    Who can identify this taste

    this references another thread "apple cider beer" I have bottled, aged and cold conditioned my apple beer, which actually came out tasting relatively well. There is however some weird characters to it that I am unsure of or dont like. 1) Graininess- I believe that this is due to the fact...